His Disapproval Rating at Historic Highs, Trump Lies About His Approval Rating

Donald Trump claimed today by retweeting a Drudge report that his approval rating was at 50 percent. This was based on Rasmussen, which is not a scientific poll because it relies in part on unscientific online polls.

And how can you not trust a name like Drudge? Well, it’s easy as it happens. For example, Gallup’s daily tracker shows Trump at 41 percent with a +/- 3 percent margin of error, making it anywhere from 38 to 44. And Gallup has his disapproval rating at 53, which is greater than Rasmussen’s figure of 50 percent approval.

If you look at other polls, you see much the same message about just how unpopular a president Donald Trump is.

The latest McClatchy/Marist poll for April shows Trump with a 39 percent approval rating. And SurveyMonkey has him at 42 percent approval for the period up through April 6.

President Obama, on the other hand, stood at 62 percent approval on April 18, 2009.

That’s right: Even if Trump did have 50 percent approval, Obama’s stood at 62 percent approval at the same point in his presidency.

Earlier today, Trump indulged in some equally delusional tripe about how successful his first 90 days as president have been compared to Obama’s. People aren’t buying it. Or the claim that he keeps his promises.

It is no surprise why Trump chose this time to lie about how popular he is. He’s been working hard to bomb everybody he can think of to bomb to turn things around, but the boos he’s gotten for hiding his taxes have shown how things really stand.

Trump is really reaching when he claims his approval rating is at 50. It isn’t. No matter the poll, it’s lower than that – sometimes much lower. In fact, in sixty years no president has had a disapproval rating on Gallup as high as Trump’s at this stage in his presidency.