Georgia Runoff Between Ossoff and Handel Most Expensive in U.S. History

A week ago the Georgia runoff election between Democrat Jon Ossoff and Republican Karen Handel looked to become the most expensive race on record. Politico reported today that prediction has come true: it is now officially the most expensive race in U.S. history.

“Candidates and outside groups have aired or reserved more than $29.7 million worth of TV ads in the race to replace HHS Secretary Tom Price in Congress, which will break a five-year-old record for House spending.”

The runoff election has been called a “real test of narrative” by former GOP Rep. Tom Davis and it is certainly a test of the Democratic response to Donald Trump’s administration just a little more than 100 Days into it. Davis is also no doubt right that neither side can afford to lose.

Yet one side or the other will come June 20.

Now that a federal court has overturned an absurd Georgia law requiring a 90-day registration cutoff, voters in GA 06 have until May 21 to register.

This is obviously a huge benefit to Democrat Jon Ossoff, who is registering more than 100 voters each day.

Ossoff’s momentum is real. He has not only gained the support of Bernie Sanders but he outperformed his opponent in the first poll following the special election and gained Republican support as well.

Donald Trumps stands to lose a valuable seat in the House and an Ossoff victory could very easily become just the first domino to fall on the way to the 2018 midterms that could finally give Democrats control of the House of Representatives.