A Terrified Trump Tweets Warnings About Georgia Democrat Jon Ossoff

Donald Trump is very worried about the growing popularity of Georgia Democratic Jon Ossoff, recording a robocall last night and today devoting two tweets to the special election taking place today in Georgia’s 6th district.

Jon Ossoff took to the air today to respond to Trump’s tweets, telling NBC,

Of course, there is another way to respond to Trump’s dire warnings and that is to say:

Trump’s tweets are an almost verbatim repetition of his robocall, which warned,

“If you don’t vote tomorrow, Ossoff will raise your taxes, destroy your healthcare, and flood our country with illegal immigrants.”

This obsession with the Georgia special election shows that Donald Trump is terrified of Jon Ossoff. Atlanta mayor Kasim Reed said of Trump’s tweets on MSNBC this morning, “Sounds like fear to me.”

Trump’s warnings are lies, of course. Trump isn’t lowering anyone’s taxes except for those of his rich friends and corporations, and Ossoff is fighting to save, not destroy our healthcare. That’s Trump’s goal.

Donald Trump is right to fear. Jon Ossoff has become the face of the resistance, a visible symbol of the young men and women who are invigorating the Democratic Party in the wake of Donald Trump’s victory, a new Democratic Party built from the ground up.