Add an Outrageous 16 Lies to Trump’s 16 Unintelligible Remarks in AP Interview

The final tally is in, and you can add 16 lies to Donald Trump’s AP interview total of 16 unintelligible remarks. We owe Toronto Star fact checker Daniel Dale for his attention to detail in gathering all the facts and presenting them to us:

As you can see, Trump repeated some oldies but goodies for the AP interview, including his lie about his Lockheed Martin savings, which, as Dale remarks, “remains untrue.” There are also his various lies about his 100 Days. Dale debunks each and every one of them.

There is also a defense of his new trade war with Canada predicated on the idea that Canadian dairy is the issue, but as Dale points out, “Canadian dairy isn’t included in NAFTA.”

He lied about Neil Gorsuch’s qualifications, his own popularity, and once again claimed that Elijah Cummings said he’d be the “greatest president.” Dale admits that this is a case of one man’s word against the other but that “Trump’s claim is so nonsensical that it is obviously inaccurate.”

The scope of Donald Trump’s dishonesty is nothing less than breathtaking and he tells them so smoothly and effortlessly that you have to wonder if he even knows what the truth is any longer.

If you add Trump’s 16 lies to the 16 times he said something completely unintelligible in what was a one-on-one interview, you don’t even need the ever-present cloud Trump’s collusion with Russia to identify him as a man wholly unsuited to the office of president.

What the AP poll showed Americans was that while Donald Trump’s first 100 days was composed of empty threats and broken promises, the glue that held them all together was his lies.

Hrafnkell Haraldsson

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