Donald Trump Takes Bizarre Third-Person Credit for Consumer Confidence Index


In yet another fit of self-love and overweening pride, President-Elect – that is not President Donald Trump, tweeted a bizarre third person tweet taking credit for the U.S. Consumer Confidence Index:

Reuters explained that,

“The Conference Board said on Tuesday its Consumer Confidence Index rose to 113.7 this month from an upwardly revised 109.4 in November. That topped estimates in a Reuters poll for a reading of 109.0, and was the highest since August 2001.”


To listen to Trump, it is almost as if the past eight years, and President Obama’s restoration of our economy in the face of endless GOP obstruction, never took place.

When Obama took office, the Consumer Confidence Index was a woeful 37.7 and had gone up 86 percent just four years later. By the end of 2014, consumer confidence was back to it’s January 2007 high.

It is difficult to say whether Trump’s self-congratulatory tweet or the fact that it quickly amassed 30K “likes” was more disturbing. Because, as one observer noted,

Of course, Trump’s claim to what does not belong to him is in keeping with another bizarre post-Christmas claim of his:

So his ego is at least consistently over-inflated. There is that. Trumpists are calling it “The Trump Effect.” Apparently, all he touches and all that flows from him is gold, explaining that golden toilet in Trump Tower.

It is anyone’s guess what Trump’s next miracle will be.

Trump had all along pretended the US economy was in shambles, despite all President Obama’s hard work restoring it to pre-crash levels. Trump claimed he would restore the economy Obama had already restored, and this is his mendacious promise come to fruition.

In GOP annals, it will not be President Obama who performed the economic miracle. Just as Obama got the blame for all President Bush’s misdeeds, Trump will get all the credit for President Obama’s good deeds.

It is not “thanks, Donald” but “thanks, Obama.” Credit must go where it is due, and Donald Trump and his raging ego are out of line. In four years, the “Trump effect” will mean something very different.