All Living Former Presidents Called On To Issue Joint Statement Telling Trump To Resign

Biographer David Maraniss has a great idea. The author is urging all five living former presidents to issue a joint statement calling on racist Donald Trump to resign.

Maraniss tweeted:

Trump would probably respond to such a statement by tweeting out insults at each of the former presidents, but it is a fantastic idea. America needs unity and leadership in the face of the Trump threat. There is no better way for every American who does not agree with Trump to come together around the living former presidents in a show of bipartisan unity and rejection of Trump.

Since former presidents have an unspoken code to stay out of current politics, such a statement may never happen, but Trump’s support for racists is beyond the realm of normal politics. Donald Trump is attacking American society and trying to rip it apart through bigotry and racial division.

If there was ever a time for the former presidents to publicly take a stand together that time is now.

These men have served their country with honor, and their nation needs them to come together for one more brave act.