Key GOP Lawmakers Won’t Say If They’ve Read the Mueller Report

Three out of four chairmen and ranking Republicans wouldn't even respond when asked how they reviewed the report.

Trump’s Tariffs Cost Taxpayers More Than 3 Years Of Obamacare

Trump the Taxer: Not only are Trump's tariffs one of the largest tax hikes in decades, but they also amount to more than the tax increases from the first three years of President Obama's Affordable Care Act.

Women were there for you; Will you be there for us?

Stand up for women like you stand up for any other cause: We are real, we are right here, and we are in a crisis heretofore unseen.

Mueller’s Reality Bomb Triggers Trump To Tell 57 Lies A Day

The "president" has now made 10,000 false or misleading claims while in office. What a lot of winning. Trump now lies so much in a day that he has lied more in a single month than he did in the first five months of his presidency.

Naveed Jamali Explains Why Obama’s Response To Russian Election Interference Was Huge

In an exclusive interview with PoliticusUSA's Sarah Jones, MSNBC analyst, author of How to Catch a Russian Spy and former double agent Naveed Jamali discussed how important Obama's response to Russian election interference was for the country

Ohio Supreme Court Justice Shouldn’t Be Anywhere Near The Bench After Minimizing Sexual Assault

Ohio Democrat Bill O'Neill wants you ladies to stop with the sexual assault complaints, or as he calls them, "sexual indiscretions." He is "sooooo disappointed by this national feeding frenzy about sexual indiscretions decades ago."

Election Night Live Blog With PoliticusUSA

trump clinton

PoliticusUSA's Sarah Jones is live blogging all of the results and action from election night.

Fox News Is Powerless As Republicans Crumble Under Trump Chaos

After abandoning Marco Rubio, Fox News will host a debate where they will be powerless to stop the GOP from crumbling under Trump.

Politicus Podcast: The End Is Near As Republicans Have 13 Days To Stop Trump

PoliticusUSA's Sarah Jones and Jason Easley discuss what could be the last 13 days in the life of the Republican Party.

Hillary Clinton Schools Republicans with a SCOTUS Confirmation History Lesson

Hillary Clinton reminded Republicans that President Obama is president until January 20, 2017 and they have a responsibility to vote to confirm Obama's nominee to replace Justice Scalia.

Ted Cruz’s Bad Day Gets Worse As He Gets Caught In A Massive Obamacare Lie

Ted Cruz said Obamacare was the biggest job killer in this country and PolitiFact is not impressed, calling it a pants-on-fire lie.

Trump Brings Down The Republican Party As Ted Cruz Vows Not To Shoot People

trump cruz nevada

The battle for Iowa has unveiled the Republican Party's desperation leading to comments such as, "I can say I have no intention of shooting anybody in this campaign."

White House Rejects Snyder Buck Passing For Flint Water Crisis

"I saw the governor yesterday accepted responsibility. Clearly primary responsibility lies with local and state officials," but he said that won't stop the federal government from helping.

America Is Going Backward at Warp Speed as Republicans Rip More Rights From Women

All across America, lawmakers have been carving away at a woman's right to authority over her own body. The last five years account for more than 1/4 of all abortion restrictions enacted since Roe V Wade.

Promise Fulfilled: Obama’s Moral Mission Has Transformed America For The Better

Seven years in, one thing has become abundantly clear - this President is on a moral mission. Not all people who run for the highest office of the land actually have an agenda to do good for the people, but it appears as though this President did and does.

Obama Wipes Out America’s Bush Disaster With Two Strongest Jobs Years Since Bill Clinton

The White House is taking a victory lap upon the release of the December jobs report, reminding everyone that President Obama said, "The verdict is clear: Middle-class economics works. Expanding opportunity works."