Charlie Crist Leads Rick Scott In a Florida Governor’s Race Where Every Vote Will Matter


charlie crist
The Florida governor’s election is close with Democrat Charlie Crist at 42% among likely voters, and incumbent Republican Rick Scott 41% according to a Quinnipiac University Poll released Monday, the day before the November 4th elections.

There are 9% who are undecided as of yet (side eyeing these folks). Libertarian Adrian Wyllie gets 7%, but out of the race, Crist gets 44% to Scott’s 42%. Go and explain that one. Libertarians breaking for the Democrat? Maybe they are true anti-corporatists turned off by Scott’s part in the FBI’s highest priority white-collar crimes, or maybe Scott’s history of defrauding the government in order to pad his own business doesn’t sit well with them. Maybe Libertarians are less impressed with felony convictions than your average proud Republican.


At any rate, men seemed impressed by Rick Scott’s ability to funnel their money into his own pockets. Scott leads leads Crist among men 47 – 34%. Women are not so impressed. So Charlie Crist, Mr. Reasonable who used to be a Republican until they went crazy, leads Scott 50 – 35% with women and 39 – 32 with Independents.

Elections across the country are this close. What this means is every vote will matter. Every vote can be the vote the shaped the destiny of a state, or even the country. At a time when the average worker feels so disempowered, it’s incredible to realize that your vote has so much power. Just a few votes can decide the future.

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  1. Of course Crist is winning, and he’s probably been winning the whole time. The media whores for the Koch Brothers just like the Republicans do. Tomorrow night will be great for Democrats, watch and see

  2. I think so too. Not least for the reason that the GOP Tea Party in Kansas went terribly wrong and the whole GOP message this year has been EXTREMELY ugly and repellant.

  3. Tomorrow night Go VOTE in Florida. Straight Democrat ticket (Crist at the top) . Ignore the Republicans. Go home, get your popcorn and watch the returns, you might be delighted down there. I have a feeling you guys are fed up with Scott. Yes? Crist WINS.

  4. Absence makes the heart grow fonder………..

    Before you #Vote tomorrow,
    take a minute to remember where we were
    in 2008! Really take a good, hard look back.
    Republicans are like the spouse that keeps
    beating you & you keep getting back together
    because they PROMISE things will be better,
    and you believe it……………………..

  5. Looks like women are proving they are smarter than men with their preferred candidate. Crist cares about Florida, Rick Scott only cares about his bank account. He’s no true Floridian.

  6. Thanks for the article. For more on world Libertarians and similar issues, see the non-partisan Libertarian International at

    FYI one error: It’s no surprise Libertarians are drawing from both parties, they’ve also done so equally. Also, many pro-libertarians not voting for the LP candidate will vote for Crist as they see Scott as having interfered with the Florida LP in the last election to prevent it from supporting Crist as an independent. Scott’s people are crossing the state trying to repair the damage. I’m surprised the reporter isn’t looking into this.

    Either way, whoever is elected will owe the Libertarians and their fans in Florida, who’re about 14% of voters now according to surveys. GOP strategists already admit no one can win or govern without at least a nod to Libertarians.

  7. Shiva, as you know Libertarians have if anything long warned people about Koch. What are you, a GOP plant?

    Read the links and GOOGLE, folks.


  9. Rick Scott added over 600,000 jobs when he was in office. Charlie Crist lost over 800,000 jobs while he was our governor. I didn’t like Crist when he was a republican, independent or now that he’s a democrat. I’m sure you didn’t like Crist when he was a republican so why do like him now.

  10. I like Christ because he didnt pee test the very poorest people and tell them they had to use his wifes test labs. He is an all for his own profit kind of guy

  11. Amen to that! I voted early for Adrian Wyllie for Governor, Bill Wohlsifer for Attorney General, NO on Amendment 1, YES on Amendment 2, and NO on Amendment 3.

  12. Welfare leeches and illegals vote for Crist. I’m not a republican but my God, why would any one vote for a man who was a republican, then ran for the senate as an independent and now he is running as a democrat. Really? How could anyone vote for that clown?

  13. You would do it with whatever the method for voting is in Florida. And you get rid of one of the most corrupt people in office today, Rick Scott

    ” I’m not a republican ”

    And I am a Hindu god

  14. Please Vote Yes On Amendment #2 For Human Compassion And A Safe Natural Alternative To Toxic Dangerous Big Pharma Pills!

    Yes On 2 For Patients To Have Access To Safe Medical Cannabis, Carefully Regulated By The Florida Dept. Of Health And Through A Licensed Doctor’s Advice Only! This Will Be Very Carefully Controlled By The State Of Florida, Please Do Not Believe The Out Of State Funded Smear Campaigns And Lies!

    Yes On #2 Please For 400,000+ Patients That Are In Need Who Are Not Criminals!

    God Bless America And Florida! Yes On #2

    Thank You For Making Your Vote Count Fl!

  15. James,

    I’ve voted Republican for over 30 years. But’s let’s be honest. FL’s #1 and #2 industries were construction and tourism back in 2007/2008, and those two industries were among the hardest hit in the US economy. Christ didn’t “lose” 600K jobs, unless you want to blame him for allowing FL’s economy to be so dependent on tourism and construction, and I think our location has more to do with that than any one Governor. Likewise, Scott didn’t “create” 800K jobs – a rebounding economy did. He really had nothing to do with the job creation.

    I hate to say it, but when you look at the core of each person (their integrity, their word, and ability to lead) – I think Crist has a slight edge over Scott..

  16. Yeah, you pulled those numbers out of your ass. Crist lost jobs due to George Bush tanking the global economy with his freaking tax cuts and deregulation on the financial sector and business sector. I wish just one of you right wingers had your GED.

  17. James If you and Gov Scott say Charlie Crist lost 832,000 jobs then you must believe that the Republican party who has ran this state for the past 16 years is also to blame just asking???

  18. We DO NOT NEED a governer who refused federal funds for Public TRAIN SERVICE, which is essential to Florida. Foolosh decisions

  19. Rick Scott sucks!!!!!!! As soon as as he was govenor he took away florda retirement the state was paying for and made us pay our own so he could use the money for stupid stuff

  20. I just voted for Christ. I can’t wait to see Rick Scott’s creepy, wide-eyed look when he has to accept his defeat!

    Democrats, and Moderates, please get out and vote! The lines are nowhere near what they were for the presidential election. EVERY VOTE COUNTS!

  21. I can sense the liberalism spewing out the mouth of the author of this article.. As much bashing to Republicans I have ever seen.. maybe we should talk about the fact that Christ has changed 3 political parties in under 5 years.. No? Or the fact that nearly 800k jobs were lost last time he was governor.. maybe the fact that he ran to DC, couldn’t get into the House, btw.. he was helpless ;D

  22. Hey dummy I know you teahadist like to throw that 800k number around but has it ever occurred to your idiocy that when Bush and the republicans blew up the economy that may have something to do with the lost? NAH it cant be that simple. F@cking waste of brain matter

  23. Thank you!!! I mean how hard is it to figure THAT out?

    Florida’s industries largely depend on money being spent here by others. When others have NO money to spend on the non essentials, and the economy crashes, so do the business in these industries. Hence job losses.

  24. Now tell us why the gop denys every jobs bill and does nothing for jobs other then trying to give companys tax breaks as well as environmental breaks

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