Like A Lump Of Coal in Republican Stockings: Donald Trump Is Not Going Anywhere


Merry Christmas, Republicans, you’re getting coal in your stocking this year.

That big, loud Tartuffe oaf running off at the mouth who thinks killing journalists is no biggie is a real candidate. Donald Trump is not a Republican joke. He is a Republican candidate.

Perhaps they are the same thing at this point. But that is no cause for joy, though it certainly was predictable when they picked Sarah Palin as their Vice Presidential candidate in 2008.

Just yesterday I was telling a loved one, I’m sorry, but Donald Trump isn’t a joke. I mean he is, but he isn’t. All of the obstacles the Republican Party has thrown in his way, all of the other candidates they’ve deployed against him, are not working. He says horribly stupid things, he gains in the polls.

Trump is Teflon Don to conservative voters. He’s so simple and so sure, he’s conservative catnip. They aren’t giving him up, no matter how much his talk mimics early Hitler , champions a police state or that he aligns himself with Putin against the American president.

I’m not alone in this scary, unhappy thought.

Barry Ritholtz at Bloomberg:

Also chastised were those forecasters who have been incorrectly calling for the Trump bubble itself to pop. It seems almost from the very minute the Trump phenomena bloomed to life, the naysayers have been predicting its imminent demise. That may (or may not) come to pass one day, but so far the prediction that the Trump bubble is about to burst has been the most incorrect political assessment of 2015.

Jonathan Allen at New York Daily News broke down the numbers and says Donald Trump is the true Republican favorite:

Trump is leading national polls by more than 20 points in a field with more than a dozen candidates. Nor is this just a Rudy Giuliani-style lead that doesn’t translate to state contests.
He’s sitting on a double-digit lead in New Hampshire, holds a 20-point edge in South Carolina and runs 27 points ahead of his nearest competitor in Georgia. Though he’s probably going to lose Iowa’s first-in-the-nation caucus to Cruz, who’s leading in the polls there, Trump could finish a strong second.
He’s first or near it in Nevada, Florida, Massachusetts, North Carolina, Missouri and Ohio. He’s in the lead in nearly every state that has been polled. All those leads have held up after a dozen predicted collapses.
To anyone looking honestly at the hard numbers, Trump’s lead in the Republican primary looks a lot like Hillary Clinton’s in the Democratic primary. And no one is debating who will “really win” on the Democratic side.

Donald Trump was supposed to already be gone — vanished to the Carson corner of crazy. But Trump is made of stronger stuff than Carson. Trump is always prideful, never doubting himself – and this is what all humans crave, even the smart ones who know it’s the sign of a fool. It’s comfort food for the fearful, and thus we see that terrorism and fear-mongering work together to elevate extremists in more ways than one.

Round up Muslims and build a magic Mexican wall, Putin loves him and he’ll kick ISIL’s butt! All will be well with Rich, Successful Daddy Trump in the White House.

Until he comes for you. Until he alienates our allies one by one.

But try not to think of that as you dig deeper for an orange or some chocolate. Down at the bottom of your middle or left leaning stocking, Democrats have two candidates they like. Two sane, competent candidates who have actually governed before. They differ on things but both are acceptable to a majority of Democrats.