Democrats Lick Their Chops As Carson and Trump Humiliate Themselves On Foreign Policy



Republicans are terrified of their two 2016 presidential front-runners and for good reason.

In the last 24 hours, Donald Trump claimed he knows more about ISIL than the generals do and Ben Carson claims he knows more about Syria than the White House. Neither of these two gentlemen have ever held public office.


Donald Trump is starting to show the tattered edges of his grip on reality. Last night Trump went way off book (I hope) and instead treated his audience to a rant in which he claimed he knew more about ISIL than the generals do and compared Carson’s self labeled “pathology” to a child molester. From the Washington Post:

He scoffed at those who have accused him of not understanding foreign policy, saying he knows more about Islamic State terrorists “than the generals do.” He took credit for predicting the threat of Osama bin Laden and being right on the “anchor baby situation,” a position he says “these great geniuses from Harvard Law School” now back. He uttered the word “crap” at least three times, and promised to “bomb the s—” out of oil fields benefiting terrorists. He signed a book for a guy in the audience and then tossed it back at him with a flip: “Here you go, baby. I love you.”

Trump called Republican rival Carly Fiorina “Carly whatever-the-hell-her-name-is,” accused Democratic front-runner Hillary Rodham Clinton of playing the “woman’s card” and said Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) is “weak like a baby.” He then devoted more than 10 minutes angrily attacking his chief rival, Ben Carson, saying the retired doctor has a “pathological disease” with no cure, similar to being a child molester.

Then we have Ben Carson showing just how delusional he is, claiming that he has better sources about Syria than the White House, doubling down on his belief that China is involved in the fighting in Syria. “I have several sources that I’ve got material from, I’m surprised my sources are better than theirs,” Carson said outside of a town hall in South Carolina on Friday.

Republicans must be shaking in their boots to think of either of these two debating former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on foreign policy. Or really, anyone. Just speaking publicly is dangerous for these two. But pitted against Clinton’s vast experience and subsequent expertise, both Republicans would look like total buffoons.

It’s not that a person needs to have done a job to be right for the job; but that a person needs to be somewhat tethered to reality, to have an ego that isn’t so large that it creates a comforting veil of self-aggrandizement so opaque that reality hasn’t a chance, and to have the idea that maybe other people who have actually done the job know a thing or two. Neither of these two candidates has shown even the slightest respect for the job they seek or government in general.

America needs to be asking itself what it says about the Republican party that their two front-runners are legit delusional at the very best.

The Republican establishment is rumored to be keeping Mitt Romney in the wings in order to stop a down ticket bleed out in the event that one of these two colorful characters looks like they’re going to actually win the nomination. Not to worry, the Republicans have rigged their nomination process so there is little chance they won’t cheat to get their guy in at the last minute.

But the crazy it out there front and center, branding Republicans as know-nothing buffoons with huge, unjustified egos. Democrats must be beyond thrilled with the gifts that are Carson and Trump.