Donald Trump

Trump Pushes Under Criminal Investigation Donald Trump Jr. As A Candidate For Office

The failed former president pushes his son, Donald Trump Jr., who is currently under criminal investigation as a candidate for…

15 hours ago

Without The Presidency To Hide Behind, Trump Deposed For Hours On Assaulting Protesters

Trump is now a regular citizen and is starting to face accountability for his violent actions like the assault of…

19 hours ago

1/6 Committee Requests Video Evidence From The National Archives That Could Doom Trump

The 1/6 Committee wants all the versions of Trump's message to his supporters during the Capitol attack because some contain…

1 day ago

Trump Files Lawsuit Claiming That The 1/6 Committee Is Harassing Him

Trump filed a  lawsuit to try to block the 1/6 Committee from getting documents and claimed that the Committee is…

1 day ago

Christopher Steele Defends Controversial Trump-Russia Dossier

Former MI6 agent Christopher Steele, the author of the controversial "Steele Dossier," which contains allegations of misconduct, conspiracy, and cooperation…

2 days ago

Opinion: The House Select Committee Can Avoid the DOJ and Arrest Steve Bannon

The  quick solution to force Trump’s people to testify according to the House’s legal subpoenas served on them eliminates the…

2 days ago

Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman: Trump Should Be Brought To Justice

Ret. Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman said on Sunday that Trump should be subpoenaed by the 1/6 Committee and brought to…

2 days ago

Trump Demands To Be Declared The Winner Of The 2020 Election And Returned To The White House

Trump put out a statement on Friday claiming that the ballot boxes were stuffed in Arizona and demanding that he…

4 days ago

Trump Bizarrely Addresses “Golden Showers” Rumors

Former President Donald Trump bizarrely addressed the "golden showers" rumors that were detailed in the unverified dossier compiled by former…

5 days ago

Trump Loses It At Republican Retreat And Declares He’s Not Into Golden Showers

Trump has grown even more unstable than he was as president. At a Republican retreat, he declared unprovoked that he…

5 days ago

Judge Orders Trump Be Deposed In Assault Of Protesters At Rally

A judge has ordered that Trump sit for a deposition in the case involving his security guards beating up protesters…

6 days ago

Trump Is Expected To Lose To Biden (Again) On 1/6 Executive Privilege

Trump is expected to sue Biden in his bid to hide documents related to the 1/6 attack from investigators, and…

2 weeks ago

Rudy Giuliani Throws Trump Under The Bus On The Big Lie

Rudy Giuliani claimed that he was only following orders when he represented Donald Trump in election fraud lawsuits.

2 weeks ago

Bombshell Documents Show Trump Got A Special Treatment From Deutsche Bank And $3.7 Million From Foreign Governments As President

Trump hid $70 million in losses on his DC hotel, got a special break on a loan from Deutsche Bank,…

2 weeks ago

Jason Miller Predicts Trump Will “Ultimately” Run in 2024

Former President Donald Trump has long teased the possibility of a 2024 run for office, and his former top aide…

2 weeks ago

Glenn Kirschner Says The Only Thing Left For The DOJ To Do Is Indict Trump

Glenn Kirschner explained the specific statute that Trump violated as detailed in the Senate Judiciary Committee report that if indicted…

2 weeks ago

Trump Dances With Obstruction Of Justice By Ordering Witnesses Not To Comply With 1/6 Committee Subpoenas

Trump and his legal team are ordering Capitol attack witnesses not to comply with 1/6 Committee subpoenas.

2 weeks ago

Steve Bannon And Mark Meadows Just Made A Big Mistake As Even Trump’s Lawyer Doesn’t Buy Executive Privilege Claim

Steve Bannon, Mark Meadows, and two other Trump aides will defy subpoenas from the 1/6 Committee, even as Trump's own…

2 weeks ago

Trump Claims Imaginary Executive Privilege Against 1/6 Committee Subpoenas

Former President Trump is trying to claim an executive privilege that he doesn't have to block 1/6 witnesses from testifying.

2 weeks ago

Trump Praises Pence for Downplaying and Lying About 1/6

Former President Donald Trump, who has continued to openly and brazenly lie about the events of January 6, the day…

2 weeks ago

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