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Joy Reid Blasts Trump-Supporting GOP Misogynists For Sinking Neera Tanden’s OMB Nomination

Joy Reid tore into Senate Republicans for helping sink Neera Tanden's OMB nomination over old tweets they didn't like.

2 hours ago

“I Wish I Never F’ing Met Trump” Alex Jones Slams the Former President in Leaked Video

Donald Trump has been beneficial to Alex Jones' career. Not only did the former president provide Jones with countless story…

2 hours ago

Biden’s New Education Secretary Immediately Begins Cleaning Up The Betsy DeVos Disaster

Miguel Cardona, was sworn in on Tuesday and plans to immediately move to undo the damage that Betsy DeVos did…

2 hours ago

“RonAnon Johnson”: Watch Nicolle Wallace Coin a New Nickname for Conspiracy Loving Senator

On Tuesday, senate lawmakers had the opportunity to question FBI Director Christopher Wray about the January 6th insurrection. Many of…

4 hours ago

Josh Hawley Implies He Doesn’t Agree with Trump’s Lie That Election Was Stolen

Speaking to CNN, Senator Josh Hawley (R-Mo.) claimed he doesn't agree with former President Donald Trump's lie that the 2020…

12 hours ago

Rachel Maddow Says Trump Has Blood On His Hands For Covering Up His COVID Vaccination

Rachel Maddow tore into ex-president Donald Trump on Monday for keeping his vaccination a secret from the American people.

24 hours ago

Putin’s Rude Awakening Begins As Biden Prepares To Hit Russia With New Sanctions

The days of Donald Trump doing Vladimir Putin's bidding are over as Joe Biden is planning to hit Russia with…

1 day ago

New York Prosecutors Are Going For The Jugular And Zeroing In On Trump’s Finance Chief

New York prosecutors who are currently investigating Donald Trump are now zeroing in on the CFO of his company.

1 day ago

Donald And Melania Trump Secretly Got The COVID Vaccine While Still In The White House

Donald and Melania Trump got the COVID vaccine while still in the White House in the final weeks of the…

1 day ago

Putin Critic Says Trump Damaged America’s Reputation Among Ordinary Russians

Speaking to NBC News in an exclusive interview, former oil magnate Mikhail Khodorkovsky said former President Donald Trump's tenure damaged…

1 day ago

Jim Jordan Defends Trump: “People Actually Say ‘We Love You, Mr. President,’ Because They Do”

Representative Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) defended former President Donald Trump despite harsh criticism about the speech Trump gave at the Conservative…

1 day ago

Trump Sees His Future As Former French President Sarkozy Convicted On Corruption Charges

Former French President Nicolas Sarkozy was found guilty of corruption and influence-peddling and given a confinement sentence of one year.

2 days ago

As He Faces Possible Criminal Indictment, Trump Attacks The Supreme Court

Trump, who is potentially facing multiple criminal indictments, attacked the Supreme Court for not overturning the election.

2 days ago

Trump’s Big Comeback Flops As TV Networks Ignore CPAC Speech

Trump thought that his speech at CPAC would be his big comeback, but outside of Fox News, other major networks…

2 days ago

Trump Just Delighted Democrats By Threatening To Run For President Again

At his CPAC speech, Trump pushed the Big Lie that he really won the election, and threatened to run for…

2 days ago

A CNN Anchor Just Called Out CPAC For Worshipping Losing

CNN anchor Ana Cabrera laid out that Republicans at CPAC are celebrating a loser with their worship of Donald Trump.

2 days ago

Ted Lieu Says GOP Poses A Security Threat As Long As It Refuses To Acknowledge Biden’s Victory

Lieu blasted the GOP for encouraging political violence by refusing to accept that Joe Biden legitimately won last November's election.

3 days ago

GOP Lawmaker Claims He’s Not Racist After Getting Busted Attending White Supremacist Event

Rep. Paul Gosar said that he's totally not a racist, despite the fact that he spoke at an event that…

3 days ago

CPAC Cesspool Is Proof That There’s Nothing Conservative About The Republican Party

It may be called the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), but there's nothing conservative about the Orlando event.

3 days ago

Donald Trump Jr. Loses It And Claims The Left Banned The Muppets

Donald Trump Jr. is struggling with his father no longer being in the White House, as his mental decline continued…

4 days ago

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