Donald Trump

America Laughs At Trump As He Complains About Massive Dumps

Trump went on a rant about massive dumps that was not ignored by the American people as they laughed at…

11 hours ago

Trump Is Fading Away As He Has Lost Twitter Followers For 12 Straight Days

Trump's refusal to concede has caused him to lose Twitter followers for 12 straight days as Biden has gained over…

12 hours ago

Trump Accuses William Barr And The FBI Of Election Fraud

On Sunday, Trump claimed that Attorney General William Barr and the FBI engaged in election fraud for Biden.

14 hours ago

Opinion: Trump Plans To Delete A Part Of The Constitution For His Racist Base

It isn’t clear how much longer Republicans will allow Trump to undermine the United States Constitution, but his latest threat…

1 day ago

Trump Uses Data From Wrong Election To Claim Massive Voter Fraud In Pennsylvania

As recounts and lawsuits fail, Donald Trump is now pressuring state lawmakers to overturn the results of the presidential election.

2 days ago

Trump Spent Nearly $23,000 Per Extra Biden Vote In His Wisconsin Recount

The outgoing president's campaign spent $3 million on a recount that has so far helped Joe Biden expand his lead…

2 days ago

Trump Is Planning To Hold A 2024 Campaign Event On The Day Of Biden’s Inauguration

Trump has no intention of participating in a peaceful transition of power by attending Joe Biden's inauguration.

2 days ago

Trump Is Flagged by Twitter For Claiming Biden’s Popular Vote Tally Was “Illegally Obtained”

Twitter flagged President Donald Trump under its civic integrity policy after he continued to post false claims about the election,…

3 days ago

Trump Says Election Was “Total Scam” But Still Urges Republicans to Vote in Georgia Runoffs

President Donald Trump claimed the 2020 election was a "total scam" but still urged Republicans to vote in Georgia's Senate…

3 days ago

Trump Is Now Actively Discouraging Republicans From Voting In Georgia Senate Runoff

Trump told reporters that the system in Georgia is fraudulent and actively discouraged his supporters from voting in the state's…

3 days ago

Trump Throws A Fit And Screams At Reporter When Asked If He Will Concede

Trump finally took questions on Thanksgiving day where at one point he screamed at a reporter who asked if he…

3 days ago

Joe And Jill Biden Thank Healthcare And Essential Workers As Trump Has Thanksgiving Meltdown

Joe and Jill Biden spent Thanksgiving thanking teachers, healthcare and frontline workers, as Trump melted down on Twitter.

4 days ago

Trump Wishes Nation a “Happy Thanksgiving” While Sharing News of Supreme Court’s Covid-19 Ruling

Almost immediately after the death of Associate Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, President Donald Trump nominated Amy Coney Barrett,…

4 days ago

Trump Falsely Claims “There is NO WAY” Biden Received More Than 80 Million Votes

President Donald Trump continued to push baseless election fraud claims on Twitter this morning, this time claiming that there is…

4 days ago

Donor Sues Pro-Trump Group for $2.5 Million Over “Empty Promises” Because They Failed to Prove Voter Fraud

Fred Eshelman, founder of Eshelman Ventures LLC, has sued the Houston-based pro-Trump True the Vote Inc. for failing to prove…

4 days ago

WATCH: Former FBI Official Frank Figliuzzi Calls Flynn Pardon Another Obstruction of Justice

Donald Trump has quite a day on Wednesday. After deciding not to attend a meeting of Republicans in Gettysburg, PA,…

4 days ago

Trump Begs Pennsylvania Republicans To Join His Coup And Overturn The Election

During a sham "hearing" run by Pennsylvania Republicans, Donald Trump asked state legislatures to overturn the election.

4 days ago

Trump Humiliated After Canceling Plan To Attend PA Election Fraud Hearing

Trump's big plan to show at a Republican-led PA Senate hearing on election fraud has flopped as the president has…

5 days ago

Rudy Giuliani May Not Go To PA With Trump Because He Keeps Infecting People With COVID

Rudy Giuliani was supposed to attend a Pennsylvania "election fraud" hearing with Trump in PA, but he may not be…

5 days ago

Georgia Secretary of State Says Trump Threw Him “Under the Bus” for Defending The State’s Election

Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger voted for President Donald Trump and says the president threw him and his family…

5 days ago

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