Joe Biden

Trump Plans To Spend The First Debate Personally Attacking Biden

Trump wants to get into a mud-slinging contest, and he plans on using the first presidential debate to attack Joe…

5 mins ago

Fox News Poll: More Americans Trust Biden on Choosing a New SCOTUS Justice

According to a new Fox News poll, more Americans trust President Donald Trump's rival Joe Biden to appoint a new…

7 hours ago

Five Alarm Fire For Trump In The Heartland As Fox News Has Biden Ahead In Ohio And Pennsylvania

A five alarm fire is brewing for Donald Trump's reelection campaign in the all-important swing states of Ohio and Pennsylvania.

23 hours ago

Trump: “Sleepy Joe Biden” Would Be a “Low Energy President”

President Donald Trump disparaged his rival, Democrat Joe Biden, in a tweet earlier this morning, saying that "Sleepy Joe" would…

1 day ago

Trump Refuses to Commit to a Peaceful Transfer of Power After Election

When questioned by reporters, President Donald Trump would not commit to a peaceful transfer of power if he loses November's…

2 days ago

House Democrats Reveal Reform Package to Prevent Presidential Corruption

House Democrats have revealed a comprehensive reform package designed to prevent presidential corruption and curtail abuse of executive powers. The…

2 days ago

Trump Accuses Biden Of Getting Plastic Surgery At His Most Pathetic Rally Yet

It didn't take long for Donald Trump's Pittsburgh rally to devolve into a pathetic parade of stupidity on Tuesday night.

3 days ago

Fed Up With Trump Trashing The Troops, Cindy McCain Will Formally Endorse Joe Biden

Cindy McCain will formally endorse Joe Biden weeks after it was reported that Donald Trump trashed American troops.

3 days ago

Young Voters Planning To Turn Out At 2008 Levels As Blue Wave Builds Around Biden

If Biden is able to run up the score among young voters and win over seniors, it will be nearly…

3 days ago

Biden To Storm States With Close Senate Races To Help Get Mitch McConnell Fired

Joe Biden's campaign will be in states with competitive Senate race where Democratic wins will get Mitch McConnell fired as…

3 days ago

Biden’s Momentum Grows As He Is Tied With Trump In Iowa

A new poll of Iowa shows a close race in the state with a surging Joe Biden moving into a…

3 days ago

Biden Endorsed by Group of Nobel Prize-Winning Economists

A group of 13 Nobel Prize-winning economists has announced their endorsement of Democrat Joe Biden in November's general election. The…

3 days ago

Joe Biden Launches Massive Radio Campaign Targeting Rural Voters In 8 Battlegrounds

The Biden campaign is expanding its push to cut into Trump's lead with rural voters with a radio blitz in…

3 days ago

Trump Gets Bored Of His Jobs Speech In Ohio, Starts Calling Joe Biden Dumb Instead

During another unhinged campaign event on Monday, Donald Trump didn't even pretend to have an economic agenda.

4 days ago

New Poll Shows Biden With a Significant Lead Among Catholic Voters

Donald Trump will tell you time and time again that he is the best president ever for religious voters. The…

4 days ago

Biden Powerfully Tells Every American Without Social Status They’ll Be With Him In The Oval Office

As Trump only sees America as rich people and the stock market Joe Biden told every hard-working American that they'll…

4 days ago

Joe Biden Brutally Described Who Trump Really Is In His Best Speech Yet

At a speech in Wisconsin, Joe Biden described who Donald Trump really is, and it was a brutal dismantling of…

4 days ago

Networks Must Give Biden Equal Time If Trump Holds Primetime Unveiling Of SCOTUS Pick

Trump is eyeing holding a primetime event to unveil his Supreme Court nominee. If he does this, Biden deserves equal…

4 days ago

Trump Says He Can “Call Rich People I Know” To Close Fundraising Gap Between Him and Biden

President Donald Trump claimed in an interview on "Fox and Friends" that he can "call rich people I know" to…

4 days ago

Joe Biden Could Be Building Toward Blowing Trump Out

Joe Biden is expanding his lead in states where Trump is investing money, which suggests that Biden might be building…

5 days ago

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