Joe Biden

Biden’s New Education Secretary Immediately Begins Cleaning Up The Betsy DeVos Disaster

Miguel Cardona, was sworn in on Tuesday and plans to immediately move to undo the damage that Betsy DeVos did…

2 hours ago

Biden Drops The Hammer And Sanctions Russia For Navalny Poisoning

The Biden administration sent a strong message to Putin by sanctioning Russia for poisoning opposition figure Aleksey Navalny.

5 hours ago

Putin’s Rude Awakening Begins As Biden Prepares To Hit Russia With New Sanctions

The days of Donald Trump doing Vladimir Putin's bidding are over as Joe Biden is planning to hit Russia with…

1 day ago

Ted Lieu Says GOP Poses A Security Threat As Long As It Refuses To Acknowledge Biden’s Victory

Lieu blasted the GOP for encouraging political violence by refusing to accept that Joe Biden legitimately won last November's election.

3 days ago

Biden Refuses To Let GOP Obstructionists Delay His Historically Popular COVID Relief Bill

The GOP is trying to slow down or completely derail Joe Biden's American Rescue Plan, but he isn't letting them…

3 days ago

Devin Nunes Has CPAC Meltdown And Claims Barack Obama Stole The 2020 Election

Nunes said that Obama and the Democrats were the masterminds of a conspiracy that started in the spring of 2020…

3 days ago

Biden Tells Senate To ‘Act Now’ After House Passes His Popular American Rescue Plan

The House passed President Joe Biden's COVID relief package overnight, and now Biden is urging the Senate to do the…

3 days ago

Sen. Bob Casey Calls The Republican Party A ‘Joke’ For Opposing COVID Relief

Sen. Bob Casey called the GOP a joke for opposing COVID relief now after they passed a massive tax cut…

3 days ago

President Biden Did Not Invite Ted Cruz On His Texas Trip

President Biden did not invite Ted Cruz to accompany him to Texas, nor did the Texas Senator ask for an…

4 days ago

Biden Says U.S. “Will Never Recognize Russia’s Purported Annexation” of Crimea

On the seventh anniversary of Russia's annexation of Crimea, a move that Ukraine and the global community largely consider a…

4 days ago

Joe Biden’s Stimulus Bill Is The Most Popular Key Legislation Since 2007

President Biden's stimulus bill is the most popular key legislation/executive action since the minimum wage increase of 2007.

5 days ago

Donald Trump Jr. Revives Conspiracy Theory Suggesting Biden Has Alzheimer’s Disease

Donald Trump Jr. took to Twitter to revive a conspiracy theory about President Joe Biden's mental health, suggesting Biden has…

5 days ago

Led By Joe Biden The 4 Most Popular Federal Leaders Are All Democrats

A new Politico/Morning Consult Poll found that the four most popular elected federal leaders all Democrats.

6 days ago

Biden Administration Withdraws Government Support for Lawsuit That Sought to Ban Trans Athletes from Competing in High School Sports

President Joe Biden's administration has withdrawn government support for a Connecticut lawsuit that seeks to ban transgender athletes from competing…

6 days ago

Rachel Maddow Unloads On GOP Senators For Inventing New Standards For Biden’s Cabinet Picks

Rachel Maddow ripped into the Republican double standard being used to evaluate Joe Biden's Cabinet picks.

7 days ago

Justin Trudeau Takes A Massive Shot At Trump While Meeting With Biden

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau thanked President Biden for leading on climate change and US leadership has been sorely missed…

1 week ago

John Fetterman Crushes The GOP’s Big Lie By Pointing Out That Trump Won 100% Of Dead Voters In PA

Trump and his loyalists like to claim that so-called dead voters cast their ballots for Democrats, but the opposite appears…

1 week ago

Biden Honors 500K COVID Deaths On The Same WH Balcony Where Trump Staged Maskless Photo Op

The contrast between Joe Biden's presidency and that of his predecessor could not have been clearer on Monday night at…

1 week ago

Biden Orders Flags Lowered To Half-Staff For America’s 500,000 COVID Victims

President Biden has ordered that flags be lowered to half-staff to remember the 500,000 Americans who died of COVID-19 and…

1 week ago

Biden Walks The Walk And Delivers 60% More PPP Funding For Small Businesses

President Biden promised to help small businesses and he is delivering by increasing small business PPP funding by 60%.

1 week ago

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