Joe Biden

Kevin McCarthy Attacks Joe Biden For Sleeping At Night

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy complained that President Biden doesn't have Trump's energy, because he sleeps at night.

56 mins ago

Fox News Embarrasses Itself Trying To Mock Biden For Maskless White House Speech

Fox News breathlessly tried to make a big deal out of President Biden speaking at a White House event maskless…

2 days ago

With A Spine Of Steel, Biden Puts Pipeline Cybercriminals On Notice

President Biden hasn't ruled out retaliation to shut down cybercriminals who attack US infrastructure.

2 days ago

Biden Outsmarts Republicans By Using Gas Prices To Whack Their Infrastructure Plan

President Biden used the recent rising gas prices to argue against the Republican plan to pass the cost of infrastructure…

3 days ago

1 Million Americans Signed Up for ACA Coverage After Biden Reopened the Exchange

President Joe Biden announced that 1 million Americans have signed up for coverage under the Affordable Care Act (ACA) after…

4 days ago

Biden Has Now Created Nearly Ten Times More Jobs Than Trump

President Biden told the nation while speaking about his jobs plan that he has created nearly 500,000 jobs a month…

5 days ago

Poll: Biden’s Approval Rating is Higher Than Ever as Americans Express Optimism About the Future

According to the latest Associated Press-NORC poll, President Joe Biden's approval rating is higher than ever––up two points since March––as…

5 days ago

President Biden To Hold Private Meeting With Joe Manchin On Jobs Bill

President Biden will hold a private meeting with Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) on his proposed jobs and infrastructure bill.

5 days ago

Biden Reopens Lafayette Square Where Trump Gassed Protesters And Fenced Himself In

After Trump gassed protesters at Lafayette Square and fenced himself him, Biden has taken down the fence and reopened the…

5 days ago

Biden Isn’t Falling For Republican Tricks On His Jobs Plan

President Biden is one step ahead of Republicans on his jobs plan, as he isn't getting bogged down into all…

5 days ago

Biden Puts The Heart Back In America With Beautiful Mother’s Day Video

The White House released a video of President Biden speaking about his mom for Mother's Day, and it showed how…

6 days ago

Biden Uses Jobs Report To Masterfully Turn The Tables On Republicans

President Biden used the new jobs report to knock down Republican criticisms of his economic plan.

1 week ago

The Republican Plot To Demonize Biden’s Infrastructure Plan Has Flopped

The latest Politico/Morning Consult Poll shows that Biden's infrastructure plan is actually slightly more popular when the cost is mentioned.

1 week ago

Biden on Republican Efforts to Oust Liz Cheney: “I Don’t Understand the Republicans”

President Joe Biden had a very simple response when asked about efforts by House Republicans to oust Representative Liz Cheney…

1 week ago

Tens Of Thousands Of Americans Are Alive Today Because Joe Biden Is President

President Biden reminded the American people that the success of his administration's coronavirus vaccination program has resulted in tens of…

2 weeks ago

Biden Reunites Families With Their Kids That Trump Stole On The Border

The Biden administration announced that they will begin reuniting families with the children that Trump ripped away from them on…

2 weeks ago

The Secret To Biden’s Big Success Is Making Government Work Again

President Biden is getting a lot done in a short period of time, and he is doing it by making…

2 weeks ago

Patriot President Biden Thanks The Troops On 10th Anniversary Of Bin Laden Raid

President Joe Biden thanked the troops and explained how the Bin Laden raid laid the groundwork for the end of…

2 weeks ago

Biden Returns $14 Billion That Trump Stole From The Military For His Wall

President Biden is returning more that $14 billion that Trump illegally stole from the military to pay for his wall.

2 weeks ago

Biden Anticipates All K-12 Schools”Should Be” Open by the Fall

President Joe Biden said K-12 schools "should probably all be open" in the fall for in-person learning. The president's statement…

2 weeks ago

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