Biden To Announce The Historic Creation Of 70,000 Good Paying Manufacturing Jobs

President Biden will announce a historic cutting-edge chip manufacturing investment that will create 70,000 good-paying jobs.

According to a fact sheet provided by the Commerce Department:

The Department of Commerce has reached a preliminary agreement with Micron to provide up to ~$6.14 billion in direct funding under the CHIPS and Science Act. This investment will support the construction of two fabs in Clay, New York, and one fab in Boise, Idaho, unleashing $50 billion in private investment by 2030 as the first step towards Micron’s investment of up to $125 billion across both states over the next two decades to build a leading-edge memory manufacturing ecosystem.

Micron’s total investment will be the largest private investment in New York and Idaho’s history, and will create over 70,000 jobs, including 20,000 direct construction and manufacturing jobs and tens of thousands of indirect jobs. During his visit, President Biden will discuss how his Investing in America agenda is building our economy from the middle out and bottom up, mobilizing an economic comeback in communities like Syracuse, and strengthening U.S. national security.

How Good Are The Jobs That Are Being Created?


Consider these two points from the Commerce Department about the jobs that are being created:

Child Care: Micron has committed to providing affordable, accessible, high-quality child care for its workers across its facilities, and is building new child care facilities in both Idaho and New York, as well as partnering with local child care providers to provide subsidized care.

Right to Organize: Micron has affirmed it respects workers’ rights to organize, to share feedback without fear of reprisal, and to collectively bargain. The Administration strongly supports these rights, and expects Micron to neither hold mandatory captive audience meetings nor hire anti-union consultants.


What They Are Saying About Biden’s Historic Jobs Investment

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) told PoliticusUSA during a call with reporters:

The $6.1 billion investment from our chips and science level supercharged Micron to bring back leading-edge memory chip manufacturing to the United States for the first time in 20 years. Spring over $125 billion in new investment in central New York and Idaho, creating tens of thousands of good-paying jobs, including 1000s of good high-paying union construction jobs. Building the fabs. Micron is the largest single private sector investment in New York history. And we have a long and deep history. So that’s an amazing, amazing statistic. We’re bringing advanced memory chip manufacturing to the US.

As you know memory chips are essential to everything from cell phones to cars, to defense technology, and particularly to new innovations like AI, where they’re dependent on memory chips for the GPUs that are so necessary to make AI work. And we’re already seeing AI revolutionize our world and grow at an unprecedented pace. We cannot cannot have these chips made overseas, especially by competitors, like China cannot have them be the only supplier. Micron’s historic investment will be nothing less than a transformation to upstate New York. We are rebuilding New York’s economy from the bottom up and the middle out one microchip at a time. Our country will be more economically secure because of Micron. Our national security will be stronger because of Micron. And our country will once again have Syracuse and upstate New York at the heart of its manufacturing. The pandemic showed us we can’t rely on having supply chains overseas.

Biden Is Transforming America’s Economic Future

President Biden is living up to his promise to rebuild American manufacturing from the middle out with good-paying union jobs that will return America to making things in our country.

The Biden presidency has already been transformative, and if he wins a second term, the President will be able to chart a course that will make America the world leader in cutting edge manufacturing.

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