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Greg Abbott Attacks Biden During Texas Synagogue Hostage Crisis

As four worshippers are being held hostage at a synagogue in Texas, Gov. Greg Abbott was attacking President Biden.

Greg Abbott Attacks President Biden During Texas Synagogue Hostage Crisis

Here is what Abbott was tweeting as four Jewish worshippers are being held hostage in his state:

Democrats aren’t trying to dismantle and defund law enforcement.

White House officials said about the situation in Texas, ”

The President has been briefed about the developing hostage situation in the Dallas area. He will continue to receive updates from his senior team as the situation develops. Senior members of the national security team are also in touch with federal law enforcement leadership.”

Greg Abbott Keeps It Classless During Texas Synagogue Hostage Crisis

There is no good reason for Abbott to be tweeting lies about President Biden and the police while residents of his state are being held hostage. President Biden has been consistently supportive of the police.


It was classless of Abbott to launch such an attack at the moment when at least four families in Texas are wondering if they will ever see their loved ones alive again.

Greg Abbott has put the people of Texas last during his time as governor, but one would think that at least during a hostage crisis in his state, he would have something on his mind besides attacking Joe Biden with lies.


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