Access Hollywood tape

Opinion: Key Lawsuits, Trials Offer Hope For America Reversing Trump’s Culture Of Un-Accountability

What we need to recognize is that when returned these verdicts will not just tell us about these individual cases;…

6 months ago

Trump Was Reportedly “Dreading Facing Melania” after the Access Hollywood Tape

Donald Trump was afraid to face his wife following the leak of the infamous Access Hollywood tape. A new book…

1 year ago

Man Arrested for Groping Woman Told Authorities: ‘Trump Says It’s OK’

A man who was arrested for groping a female passenger while on a flight reportedly told the officials who arrested…

3 years ago

Book Says Melania Would Not Go On TV With Trump After ‘Access Hollywood’

Bob Woodward describes in his new book, "Fear: Trump in the White House," not only a White House filled with…

3 years ago

Trump, Who Once Bragged About His Own Sexual Assault, Tries To Distance Himself From Roy Moore

Donald Trump can distance himself from Roy Moore's past abuse of women all he wants, but he'll never be able…

4 years ago

Even Without Character Flaws, Trump Is A Terrible Candidate And Would Be A Worse President

Trump supporters wanting to talk about the issues as a way to dodge an avalanche of bad press for their…

5 years ago

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