Ali Velshi

Trump Is Also Trying To Intimidate Jurors And Judges

Donald Trump is trying to intimidate more than just the various prosecutors who might be readying indictments against him, but…

2 months ago

Ali Velshi Skewers RNC For Labeling Plot To Kill Pence Legitimate Political Discourse

MSNBC's Ali Velshi noted that according to the RNC plotting to kill the vice president is legitimate political discourse.

1 year ago

MSNBC’s Ali Velshi Fact Checks And Destroys Trump’s Healthcare Lies

MSNBC's Ali Velshi put Trump's recent statements about healthcare under the fact check microscope and found the truth about that…

5 years ago

MSNBC’s Ali Velshi Drops A Fact Check Bomb On Trump’s MS-13 Invasion Lie

MSNBC's Ali Velshi wrecked Trump's MS-13 immigration invasion lie by showing that what Trump calls an infestation and invasion is…

5 years ago

Watch MSNBC Rip Apart Trump’s Idiotic Trade War

MSNBC's Ali Velshi and CNBC's John Harwood tear apart Trump's trade war and explain why it is an idiotic fantasy…

5 years ago

MSNBC Demolishes Trump With Awesome Iran Deal Fact Check

MSNBC's Ali Velshi cut through the administration's lies and rhetoric and delivered the facts on the Iran deal that Trump…

5 years ago

Watch MSNBC’s Ali Velshi Shred Every Single GOP Tax Bill Talking Point To Shreds

"Corporations are swimming in money. Stocks are up 18% this year. They're at record highs. ... We are financing through…

5 years ago