WATCH: NJ Dem Bob Menendez Eviscerates Ron Johnson During Tuesday Floor Speech

Donald Trump may now be out of office, but Ron Johnson is making sure the stain of Trumpism remains in…

2 years ago

Tucker Carlson: Country Won’t Survive Unless We Defeat Black Lives Matter

The principles of the Black Lives Matter movement are clearly stated on the organization's website. The BLM website reads, "Our…

3 years ago

It’s Seriously Perilous To Be Black In ‘Trump’s America’

Whatever perceived progress on race relations was wiped out when Donald Trump made racism the centerpiece of his presidential campaign.

7 years ago

Shame – Fourth Nation Issues Travel Warnings to America

"We wish to advise all Bahamians traveling to the US to exercise appropriate caution...young males are asked to exercise extreme…

7 years ago

The Wheel of Justice is Catching Up To Bundy Anti-Government Supporters

The Bureau of Land Management finally took action against another group of anti-government activists who blatantly trespassed on federal land…

9 years ago

Right Wing Extremist Uses the Bible and Star Wars To Justify a Military Coup Against Obama

The latest call to arms to overthrow the government and oust President Obama and several Democrats by military coup is…

9 years ago

Some Despicable Republicans Knew That Cliven Bundy Is a Racist

It is bad enough Republicans and conservative media actively supported Bundy for trespassing on federal land and bilking taxpayers out…

9 years ago