Opinion: Trump’s War With Ilhan Omar Is Also A War With Our First Amendment Rights

Last Friday, the president of the United States waged war on the First Amendment unlike anything I’ve witnessed.  It gets…

3 years ago

Muslim Women Are Set on Fire and Assaulted For Being Muslims

It is time for the mayor and the NYPD to put forward the necessary resources to investigate and prevent these…

6 years ago

Americans Are Being Thrown Off Planes For Appearing Muslim

These incidents happen all across the country all too frequently as a symptom of anti-Muslim behavior we see during election…

6 years ago

Republicans Have Blood On Their Hands For Inciting Deadly Domestic Terrorism

Americans can make a very accurate inference that Republicans have blood on their hands for inciting rage and more violence…

7 years ago

US Muslim Groups Stand Together To Denounce The Paris Terrorist Attacks

A coalition of Muslim organizations held a press conference in Washington DC to denounce the Paris terrorist attacks.

7 years ago

Ben Carson Wants Muslim Civil Rights Group to Lose Tax-Exempt Status

CAIR criticized Carson's claim that a Muslim should not be president and now Carson wants his revenge by revoking its…

7 years ago