Christopher Wray

Report: Trump Would Have Fired FBI Director Wray Last Year, But Bill Barr Threatened to Quit

By the end of Donald Trump's term, all of the people considered to be the "adults in the room" had…

12 months ago

Russia Bans Merrick Garland, John Bolton and Others From Entering Country

For 4 years, Donald Trump refused to respond to provocative actions of Russian President Vladimir Putin. In fact, Trump seemed…

1 year ago

“RonAnon Johnson”: Watch Nicolle Wallace Uses A Crushing Nickname for Conspiracy Loving Senator

On Tuesday, senate lawmakers had the opportunity to question FBI Director Christopher Wray about the January 6th insurrection. Many of…

1 year ago

Mark Meadows Mocks FBI Director for Claiming There’s No Evidence of Voter Fraud

Mark Meadows  slammed the director of the FBI on Friday and suggested he didn't know what was happening at his…

2 years ago

FBI Director Defies Trump And Confirms Russia Is Targeting Biden

In House testimony on Thursday, FBI Director Christopher Wray confirmed that the Russians are actively targeting Joe Biden.

2 years ago

Trump Attacks His Own FBI Director While Warning AG Barr to Pressure Russia Probe

President Donald Trump attacked Christopher Wray, the director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), during an interview he gave…

2 years ago

FBI Director Wray Debunks Trump’s Lie That His Campaign Was Spied On

During Senate testimony, FBI Director Christopher Wray said that he has no evidence that the Trump campaign was spied on.

3 years ago

FBI Director Wray Says Mueller is Not on a “Witch Hunt”

Before the Senate Judiciary Committee FBI Director Christopher Wray said that the investigation being carried on by Robert Mueller is…

4 years ago

Rosenstein Beats Trump At His Own Game And Agrees to DOJ Probe

Donald Trump would love to fire his Deputy Attorney General but Rod Rosenstein is making it impossible for him to…

4 years ago

FBI Director Threatened To Resign After Trump, Sessions Pressured Him To Fire Deputy Director

The pressure Trump and Sessions put on Wray is a sign that they are worried about the growing obstruction of…

4 years ago

Trump Picks Lawyer Who Ran Chris Christie Bridegate Cover-Up To Be FBI Director

Trump's choice to be the next FBI director represented Chris Christie during Bridgegate and made sure that federal investigators never…

5 years ago