Conversion therapy

Where The States Stand On “Therapy” that Amounts to Brainwashing the Gay Away

When the President supported a nationwide ban on "Conversion Therapy", he mentioned the idea of state solutions.

8 years ago

Rick Perry Believes That Homosexuality Is Like Alcoholism And Can Be Treated

Republican Texas Governor Rick Perry addressed the Commonwealth Club of California Wednesday night. He shocked the crowd, and perhaps put…

8 years ago

Liberty Counsel Will Sue to Stop NJ Ban on Gay Conversion Therapy

What this lawsuit amounts to is that Liberty Counsel wants an exemption to the scientific underpinnings of our shared reality.

9 years ago

Conflict in the Courts as Federal Judges Issue Divergent Rulings on Gay Conversion Quackery

A federal district judge has issued a temporary injunction against a new California law banning gay conversion therapy, while a…

10 years ago