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Opinion: Georgia’s Attorney General Should Send Rudy Giuliani To Prison

If Republicans weren’t corrupt, and if justice prevailed, both Giuliani and Trump will be prosecuted and sent directly to prison.

2 days ago

Opinion: McConnell Is Stupid For Biting The Hands That Feed Him

Corporations may be greedy, but they are not stupid, and they are not going to be bullied by the likes…

4 days ago

Opinion: Neo-Conservative Movement Openly Rejects Democracy And Embraces Fascism

Until now they most likely never expected any Republican or conservative organization to openly reject democracy leading one to wonder…

1 week ago

Opinion: Conservative claims Biden’s Infrastructure plan is a scam to control America

According to a conservative columnist President Biden’s infrastructure initiative must be stopped it in its tracks because it is an attack…

2 weeks ago

Opinion: Arkansas Theocrats Enact Unconstitutional Attacks On Women And LGBTQ people

Republicans are once again pandering to extremist right-wing religious fanatics in a bigger way than normal, and as is always…

2 weeks ago

Opinion: 21 GOP States Claim The COVID Stimulus Is Unconstitutional

To claim not being allowed to steal taxpayer money intended to help struggling American taxpayers is unconstitutional is beyond comprehension…

3 weeks ago

Opinion: Trump Rips Off The RNC And Republicans Still “Kiss His Ring”

After costing the GOP control of Congress and the White House, Trump is now costing the RNC campaign contributions and…

3 weeks ago

Opinion: Republicans Opposed The VAWA To Satisfy The NRA And Right Wing Religious Bigots

This issue is absent any gray area. Republicans either oppose violence against women or they support it.

4 weeks ago

John Fetterman Calls GOP A Disgrace For Voting To Overturn The Election But Opposing COVID Relief

The Democrat called the GOP in his state a disgrace for voting to overturn the election but opposing life-changing COVID…

4 weeks ago

Opinion: Sleazy Republican Takes Credit For Biden-Democrats COVID Aid Package

Despite every Republican in Congress voting against President Biden’s COVID-19 relief package, some of them twice, they are claiming credit…

4 weeks ago

Opinion: Republicans Assault Red State Voters Because Too Many Of Their Constituents Are Ignorant

Republicans in Congress have no regard for the American people, but they seem to harbor a particular hatred for their…

1 month ago

Republicans Are Privately Fuming As Biden Refuses To Engage In Their Culture Wars

Republicans are struggling to figure out how to combat Joe Biden's popularity, particularly after he just bested them on COVID…

1 month ago

Trump’s Grift Continues As The RNC Will Pay Him To Host Donor Retreat At Mar-a-Lago

Donald Trump may no longer be president, but that isn't stopping him from using his position within the Republican Party…

1 month ago

Opinion: Republicans Are Reaping The Fruits Of Backing A Demigod Like Trump

Republicans are willing to allow a loser to decimate their party because they not only lack any ethical standards, they…

1 month ago

GOP Governors Appear To Be Single-Handedly Trying To Reverse America’s COVID Progress

Instead of working to secure America's hard-fought gains in the war on COVID-19, Republicans appear eager to reverse them.

1 month ago

Opinion: Republicans Support Theocratic Dominance Over Constitutional Equality

They cannot violate the Constitution and deprive any other American’s equal protection of the law;

1 month ago

Ex-GOP Congresswoman Says The Republican Party Is Effectively A Trump-Worshipping Ponzi Scheme

The GOP is doubling down on Trumpism because campaign contributions are more important to them than truth and democracy.

1 month ago

CPAC Cesspool Is Proof That There’s Nothing Conservative About The Republican Party

It may be called the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), but there's nothing conservative about the Orlando event.

1 month ago

In Remarks at CPAC, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis Slams “Failed Republican Establishment”

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R) slammed the "failed Republican establishment" in remarks at the Conservation Political Action Conference (CPAC). “Florida’s…

2 months ago

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis Hangs Out At Mar-a-Lago As He Bungles The State’s Vaccine Rollout

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) traveled to Mar-a-Lago on Friday night to visit disgraced ex-president Donald Trump.

2 months ago

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