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Opinion: Banning Mask and Vaccine Mandates is About Projecting Unchallenged Power and Satisfying MAGA Devotees

If any American was curious about how far afield from reality Republicans will go to placate the MAGA crowd and reinforce…

2 weeks ago

Opinion: Endless Wars Like Afghanistan Is Why America Lags Behind

America’s infrastructure is crumbling and none of that “war money” was spent to build or maintain dams, bridges, highways and…

4 weeks ago

Opinion: Pandemic Exposes GOP Hypocrisy On Republicans’ Signature Policies

The Republicans’ flagrant disregard for living, breathing American citizens and attempts to control private businesses for political gain is a…

1 month ago

Opinion: Pro-life Republicans Are on a Crusade to Kill Children

Based on their deliberate and coordinated deadly assault on America’s children, they now comprise what was once the mythical death…

1 month ago

Opinion: Kick Marjorie Taylor Greene Out of the House Before She Incites Bloodshed

Based on the latest incident where it is certain her past statements do, in fact, represent her character she should…

2 months ago

Joe Biden Now Has A Higher Job Approval Rating In Florida Than Ron DeSantis

The COVID surge in Florida is putting Gov. Ron DeSantis's reelection hopes in jeopardy, as Joe Biden is now more…

2 months ago

Opinion: Republicans Are Encouraging Treason and Inciting Another Insurrection

The Republican motivation appears to be more about inciting another insurrection than simply covering over their own complicity or protecting…

2 months ago

Republican ‘Cancel Culture’ Hits New Low With Attacks Against D.C. Police

Sometimes we have to give republican pundits and lawmakers credit. They're really good at herding their right-wing hate media flock away…

2 months ago

Opinion: John Kennedy Foolishly Reveals That Republican Attacks on Women Are Purely Religious, and Unconstitutional

This is the first time in recent memory that a Republican has openly confessed that his drive to control women…

2 months ago

GOP Legislatures Invoke Civil Rights to Prevent Fictitious Vaccination ‘Mandates’

Why are republicans so opposed to COVID vaccines? Claiming it is "political" is reductive. Perhaps the motive is more insidious.

2 months ago

Opinion: Fascist Freedom Caucus Demands a Coup in the House of Representatives

Trump to block the commission by any means possible. Republicans obeyed Trump and put a stop to the negotiated bipartisan…

2 months ago

Lara Trump: I Was Thrilled When My Maskless 3 Year-Old Came Home From School Sick

The tide seems to be turning a bit this week. With COVID surging mainly in red states, Republicans suddenly seem…

2 months ago

Opinion: Majority of Americans Understand Republicans Are Aspiring Fascists

Now the GOP assault of free and fair elections is an all-out assault on democracy and a majority of Americans…

2 months ago

Opinion: Pure Unadulterated Evil Drives the GOP Opposition to the COVID-19 Vaccine

One might ask: Would Republicans deliberately endanger the lives of their base to win elections? Of course, they would.

2 months ago

Opinion: Cowardly Republicans Beg President Biden To Do What They Refused to Do Under Trump

What is not normal is Republican Senators begging the Democratic Administration to undo the catastrophic damage their alleged man-turned-god inflicted…

2 months ago

Opinion: McCarthy Can’t Shield Republicans From Being Implicated in Trump’s Insurrection

A select committee will identify every last treasonous Republican in Congress and state legislature who helped incite Trump’s acolytes to…

3 months ago

Opinion: Josh Hawley Reported Canadian Officials to Religious Police Because They Protect Public Health

One would think that a United States senator would have something important to do other than attempt to sic the…

3 months ago

January 6 Redux? DHS is Concerned About Online Right-Wing Chatter

What's another term for a "failed coup"? A rehearsal. The United States came dangerously close to losing democracy January 6…

3 months ago

Opinion: Pence Lies About Critical Race Theory To Incite Racist Rage

Mike Pence lied by claiming the academic subject CRT is “state sponsored and state-sanction racism.”

3 months ago

Opinion: Missouri Republicans Are Holding Elderly and Disabled People Hostage to Ban Birth Control

What is happening in Missouri – holding healthcare hostage to control women’s reproductive rights – is happening across the country…

3 months ago

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