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GOP Lawmaker Caught Trying To Bring A Gun Into The House Chamber

GOP Rep. Andy Harris (R-MD) was caught trying to carry a gun into the House of Representatives on Thursday.

1 day ago

Mitch McConnell Is Planning All-Out War To Purge Trump From The Republican Party

The McConnell-MAGA back-and-forth is likely to be just the beginning of an internal civil war that could rip the Republican…

7 days ago

Impeachment Manager Tells GOP Senators To Put Democracy First And Convict Trump

If America wants to regain its credibility abroad and rebuild democracy at home, Trump must be convicted for his role…

7 days ago

Koch Network Says Lawmakers’ Actions Before and After Capitol Attack Will Determine Who Receives Their Support

The Koch network, the darling of the corporate donor class, has announced that lawmakers' actions before and after last week's…

1 week ago

Trump Allies Are More Angry About His Twitter Ban Than The Murder Of A Capitol Police Officer

After the MAGA mob stormed the U.S. Capitol in a violent coup attempt, the phoniness of right-wing law enforcement rhetoric…

2 weeks ago

Rachel Maddow Says ‘Violent Insurrectionism’ Is Now The Core Of The Republican Party

Rachel Maddow unloaded on Donald Trump and the Republican Party following yesterday's MAGA terrorist attack at the United States Capitol.

2 weeks ago

Lou Dobbs Says If Loeffler, Perdue Win, It Proves Trump Is Right About Voter Fraud

This years presidential election featured a daunting map for Donald Trump. In 2016, he won traditionally Democratic states like Pennsylvania,…

2 weeks ago

Kelly Loeffler Says She Will Join Her Seditious GOP Colleagues And Object To Election Results

The people of Georgia may not have chosen Kelly Loeffler to be their United States Senator, but they will have…

3 weeks ago

Opinion: Republicans Attempt To Steal Americans’ Voices To Aid Trump

Over the past couple of decades Republicans have wantonly taken everything from the American people to benefit their favorite causes.…

3 weeks ago

Georgia GOP Secretary Of State Goes On Fox News And Blows Up Trump’s Election Fraud Lies

Raffensperger repeated what he has already said for months: The election in Georgia was conducted with integrity and Donald Trump…

3 weeks ago

Trump Urges Georgia GOP To Vote Just One Day After He Called The Runoffs ‘Illegal And Invalid’

While the two runoff elections in Georgia are too close to call, Donald Trump appears to be doing his best…

3 weeks ago

Stacey Abrams Rips ‘Feckless Hypocrites’ David Perdue And Kelly Loeffler For Being Trump Stooges

Stacey Abrams blasted Perdue and Loeffler for putting the interests of Trump and McConnell over the needs of struggling Americans.

3 weeks ago

Jon Ossoff Torches David Perdue For Opposing Stimulus Checks While Profiting Off The Pandemic

U.S. Senate candidate Jon Ossoff torched incumbent GOP Sen. David Perdue on Monday for having the nerve to oppose $2,000…

4 weeks ago

Two Dozen GOP Senators Are Blocking COVID Relief Because They ‘Don’t See The Need’ For It

These same Republican lawmakers sure know how to act quickly when it comes to handing out tax breaks to wealthy…

1 month ago

Georgia GOP’s Assault On Absentee Voting Is Laughed Out Of Court Twice In One Day

The fact that the GOP is more interested in tossing out ballots than reaching out to voters is a clear…

1 month ago

Steve Schmidt Officially Registers As A Democrat And Calls The GOP A Grave Threat To Democracy

Ex-GOP strategist Steve Schmidt said on Tuesday that the Republican Party in its current form must never again win a…

1 month ago

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