Security Refused To Let People Leave Trump’s Announcement

Security Refused To Let People Leave Trump’s Announcement

It sounds like Trump's security committed a crime. You cannot just pen people in and not let them leave.

2 years ago

Trump Mocks Wind Power In Iowa, The State That Uses The Highest Percentage Of It

Nearly a third of Iowa's energy comes from wind power, and the Hawkeye State uses a greater percentage of it…

7 years ago

Why Isn’t Boehner Touting China Over America On Climate Change?

Boehner and Republicans are also intent on defeating President Obama's climate change initiatives on myriad fronts such as stripping the…

9 years ago

Republicans Label Obama’s Plan To Combat Climate Change a Terrorist Attack

. As usual they use mendacity as a fear-mongering tool to convince their stupid supporters that President Obama's attempt to…

10 years ago

Obama Explains Change to Romney with Three Words: Made in America

Obama told supporters that change is when everyone has a fair shot, 'Making stuff again. Selling it all around the…

12 years ago

Fracking Debate May Get a Chance to Use Science As a Reason for a Ban

No other state that's allowed fracking has imposed a moratorium to study environmental and health effects. Can New York use…

12 years ago

Sierra Club: End Coal Fire Plant but Not Mountaintop Removal?

. Sierra's Beyond Coal project does only so much, and it has not recognized to date that ending Mountaintop Removal…

12 years ago