WATCH: Fox’s Carlson Likens Criticism of Unvaccinated People to Actual Lynchings

The personalities on the Fox News network know that many of their viewers are not vaccinated. And they've done everything…

5 months ago

Rand Paul Delays Anti-Lynching Bill, Saying He Fears It Could Be Used in Cases of “Minor Bruises”

Senator Rand Paul (R-Ky.) has delayed anti-lynching legislation, saying "there has to be some give and take" on the measure's…

2 years ago

Conservatives Call For The Lynching of President Obama

A racist conservative Facebook group "America the next generation" created a photo-shopped image of President Barack Obama with a hangman's…

8 years ago

The Attempted Metaphorical Lynching of Eric Holder

The contempt vote is a lynching show, put on by the very militia adjacent NRA that pals around with birthers,…

10 years ago

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