midterm election

Recent Polls Appear To Have Missed A Democratic Midterm Surge

All of the polling that showed Republicans gaining over the last few weeks appears to have missed a late Democratic…

5 months ago

Oz Begged Oprah Winfrey To Stay Out Of The Senate Race, So She Endorsed John Fetterman

At a virtual get-out-the-vote event, Oprah Winfrey shook up the PA US Senate race by endorsing John Fetterman for Senate.

5 months ago

Model Shows Democrats Could Keep The House With 2018 Level Turnout

The CBS battleground tracker model reveals that if Democratic voters turnout at 2018 levels, they could keep the House.

5 months ago

John Fetterman Proves He Is The Right Choice For Pennsylvania In Joy Reid Interview

Lt. Gov. John Fetterman (D-PA) showed that he is the right choice to be Pennsylvania's next senator during an interview…

5 months ago

Here’s What Democrats Can Do in Closing Arguments

Democrats and pro-democracy groups need to run ads based on these closing arguments and they need to start it now.

5 months ago

Voter Interest Surges As Democrats Take The Lead In Congressional Ballot

Voter interest is surging two weeks before the midterm as Democrats have taken back the lead on the generic congressional…

5 months ago

Republicans Are Blowing It As The Race For The House Is Now Within The Margin Of Error

The CBS Battleground Tracker has revised the expected Republican House gains down to within the margin of error, which means…

6 months ago

New Poll Shows Republicans Are Sinking Fast On Abortion

A new poll shows that abortion has negated many of the GOP advantages in the midterm election and the Republican…

7 months ago

Rachel Maddow Busts Republicans For Fake Supporting Obamacare

Rachel Maddow called out Republicans who are pretending to support Obamacare in the midterm election by name and exposed their…

4 years ago

Beto O’Rourke Shuts Down Trump’s Trolling In 30 Seconds

Democratic Texas Senate candidate Rep. Beto O'Rourke had the perfect answer to Trump's trolling and shut the president down in…

4 years ago

In Special Election Rematch, Democrat Is Destroying Republican In Fundraising

Democratic candidate Danny O'Connor isn't just beating his Republican House incumbent opponent in fundraising. He is crushing him by raising…

4 years ago

Republicans Refuse To Agree Not To Use Info From Russian Attack In 2018 election

Rep. Adam Schiff said that Republicans have refused to agree with Democrats not to use any information that they may…

5 years ago

Obama Returns And Drops A Blue Wave Endorsement Bomb On Reeling Republicans

Former President Obama has officially announced his first wave of 81 endorsements of state, local, and down-ballot Democrats ahead of…

5 years ago

Trump Is Almost Begging People Not To Vote For Democrats

Trump's said that he feels good about the midterms, but his tone of practically begging people not to vote for…

5 years ago

Democrats Hammer Trump Corruption With New Winning Message For Midterm Election

House and Senate Democrats have unveiled a bold agenda that targets Trump corruption and the GOP swamp that has left…

5 years ago

The Blue Wave Surges As 19 More House Move Toward Democrats

New House seat ratings reveal that 68 House Republicans are now in danger of losing their jobs as 19 more…

5 years ago

Adam Schiff Warns Trump Is Trying To Con Democrats on Impeachment

Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) is warning Democrats that they need to let the investigation play out because Donald Trump is…

5 years ago

Blue Wave Swallows Paul Ryan As 57% Of Voters Call His Speakership A Failure

A new Quinnipiac University poll reveals that as the blue wave grows, 57% of voters think that Rep. Paul Ryan's…

5 years ago

Parents Of GOP Senate Candidate Donate Maximum Amount To Democratic Opponent

It's nothing short of embarrassing that the folks who know GOP Senate candidate Kevin Nicholson best – literally, his folks…

5 years ago

Sam Brownback Insults Kansas Voters By Treating Them Like They Are Gullible and Stupid

It is beyond dispute that Republicans take advantage of their supporters' stupidity, and Brownback must believe Kansas voters are the…

9 years ago