Paid family leave

House Democrats Put Paid Family Leave Back into Spending Bill

House Democrats have put paid family leave back into their spending bill. The bill is considered crucial to codifying the…

6 months ago

Pelosi Outsmarts Trump And Gets The Biggest Expansion Of Paid Family Leave In 30 Years

Trump demanded that his Space Force be included in the defense spending bill Democrats traded it for the biggest expansion…

2 years ago

Ryan Doubles Down On Family Time Hypocrisy Rejecting It For American Workers

Ryan implied he recognized that most Americans yearn to get their work-life balance correct; he just cant tolerate it for…

7 years ago

Get The Facts on President Obama’s Labor Day Executive Actions to Protect Workers

President Obama is taking executive action on Monday for workers. Get all of the facts here.

7 years ago

Hillary Clinton Calls For Paid Family Leave On Mother’s Day

Hillary Clinton's Mother's Day call for paid family leave illustrates why she is such a formidable presidential candidate.

7 years ago

No One In Washington Is Fighting As Hard To Strengthen Families as President Obama

An integral part of strong families is the ability to take time out of a busy life of work to…

8 years ago