Religious Liberty

Religious Freedom Tables Turned As Synagogue Sues Over Florida’s Abortion Ban

A South Florida Synagogue has sued over Gov. DeSantis' new 15 week abortion ban because it violates their religious freedom.

10 months ago

Trump-Barr-DeVos Triumvirate See Privatization As Backdoor Route To Destroying Civil Rights

Walking down Main Street, couples, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity, cannot be legally denied the right to hold…

2 years ago

Trump’s Attack on “Failing Government Schools” Reveals Religiously-Repressive, Racist, and Homophobic Attack on Public Education

In his State of the Union Address, Trump took a swipe at what he called “failing government schools.” Most of…

3 years ago

SCOTUS Be D*mned – Bobby Jindal Says No Earthly Court Can Redefine Marriage

Jindal insists he just wants the right to live his Christian faith, but what he really wants is to force…

7 years ago

Catholics Claim Religious Liberty To Refuse Compensating Sex Abuse Victims

In an ironic twist, as a result of Catholic Justices on the nation's highest court, for the second time in…

8 years ago

Cutting Through The Conservative Lies About The Hobby Lobby Ruling

Two issues alone will have a devastating affect on any religious business or corporation's employees, but after doing a cursory…

9 years ago

Right-Wing Christians Ignore Republicans and Push Extreme Anti-Abortion Amendment in Tennessee

All of the Republicans interfering with personal health decisions are in league with extremist Christian organizations and corporations (Hobby Lobby…

9 years ago

It Is Time For Constitution Loving Americans To Stand Up To Right Wing Republicans

Americans who value their freedoms, religious or otherwise, would do well to avoid the pitfalls of staying silent for fear…

9 years ago

Ted Cruz Violates The First Amendment With Anti-Gay Marriage Senate Bill

Besides wasting taxpayer time, money, and violating the First Amendment's prohibition that Congress shall "make no law respecting the establishment…

9 years ago

Kansas Republicans Violate The Constitution By Passing Anti-Gay Segregation Law

The Kansas House of Representatives has overwhelmingly passed a piece of legislation crafted to legalize anti-gay segregation under the guise…

9 years ago

Hypocrite Mitt Romney Hides His Own Secret 2005 ‘War On Religion’

While Mitt Romney criticizes Obama for a war on religion, he is hiding the fact that in 2005, as governor…

11 years ago