Samantha Power

Opinion: The Global Tortoise And The Genocidal Hare: A Parable Of How (Not) To Create Global Democracy

We hear—and can certainly observe—how the wheels of international justice turn with agonizing sluggishness or simply don’t move at all,…

3 weeks ago

Opinion: Why It Matters that We Call the Russian Invasion What It Is: Genocide, Not War

we shouldn’t refer to their acts of barbarism and wholesale mass murder as “war.” We need to call it what…

2 months ago

Opinion: Why Biden’s Recognition of the Armenian Genocide Is so Crucial for Making American Lives Matter

The point is that where Trump’s policies furthered death, Biden has affirmed life in his policies, calling out and challenging…

1 year ago

Opinion: Trump’s Domestic and Foreign Policy Reveal his Genocidal Mind

The national security threats the behavior of President Donald Trump and his administration have posed to the United States have…

3 years ago

Congressional Republicans Are Still Angry They Are Not The President

The latest outrage, the open letter signed by 47 Republican senators, is the greatest sign to date that the spoiled…

7 years ago

Obama’s Double In Your Face Appointments Suggest He’s Done with GOP Obstruction

President Obama's appointments of Rice and Powers suggest he's all done negotiating with Republicans.

9 years ago