solar energy

The Media Ignores the Good News On Climate Change

To avoid climate-ending global temperature rise, it is critical for the world to transition off fossil fuels and embrace renewable,…

6 years ago

Bernie Sanders Strikes The Heart Of The Koch Empire With Bill To Give Solar Energy To The Poor

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) hit the Koch brothers where it counts by proposing new legislation that make solar energy more…

8 years ago

Obama Unveils Smart Plan To Combat Climate Change While Training 75,000 Vets For Jobs

while speaking in Utah, President Obama announced a new program that will combat climate change while training 75,000 veterans for…

8 years ago

Countering GOP Obstruction Obama Initiative Creates 500,000 High-Paying Jobs

The President launched an initiative last week to train 500,000 Americans for high-paying jobs in high-technology services.

8 years ago

In One Fell Swoop Obama Announces Solar Jobs For 50,000 Veterans and Takes On Climate Change

Since Republicans have relentlessly obstructed jobs programs for America's Veterans, the President took it upon himself to enact the program…

8 years ago

Fracking Debate May Get a Chance to Use Science As a Reason for a Ban

No other state that's allowed fracking has imposed a moratorium to study environmental and health effects. Can New York use…

10 years ago

Obama Powers Up And Takes Down GOP Flat Earthers

President Obama powered up today and turned Republican attacks about gas prices into a defense of the common man against…

11 years ago