Stop the Steal

RNC Brings In Top Stop The Steal Guy To Write GOP Platform

RNC Brings In Top Stop The Steal Guy To Write GOP Platform

Trump's party brought in a top Stop The Steal pusher to write the GOP platform, as they are laying the…

2 weeks ago

DOJ Is Now Investigating Roger Stone And Proud Boys For 2018 Florida Senate Protests

The first stop the steal protests didn't occur in 2020, but after the 2018 Senate race in Florida, and now…

2 years ago

Stop The Steal Organizer’s 1/6 Committee Cooperation Is Very Bad For Trump

The organizer of the Stop The Steal rally is cooperating with the 1/6 Committee and will provide testimony and documents.

3 years ago

CNN’s Jim Acosta Tells Republicans To Stop The Squeal

CNN's Jim Acosta had a message for Republicans. You won Virginia. The election wasn't stolen, so stop whining and squealing.

3 years ago

Report: Donald Trump is Stiffing Lawyer Rudy Giuliani on Legal Fees

Donald Trump had high hopes this election season. He, of course, believed deep down he would defeat Joe Biden. And…

3 years ago

Trump Supporters “Heckled” Loeffler and Perdue During Monday Campaign Event

Donald Trump will no longer be the President of the United States come mid-January. His presence, though, will hang over…

3 years ago