House GOP Walked Right Into Trap Set By Hunter Biden

House GOP Walked Right Into Trap Set By Hunter Biden

GOP Representatives James Comer and Jim Jordan et al appear to have walked right into a rather clever trap set…

3 months ago

Time Is Now Another Opponent Against Trump In Executive Privilege Case

The much-anticipated ruling started a clock that is almost as important as the underlying issue.

2 years ago

Texas AG Who is Trying to Overturn Election Hit With FBI Subpoena Over Ongoing Investigation

With Sidney Powell fired for being insane and Rudy Giuliani and Jenna Ellis suffering from COVID, Donald Trump was running…

3 years ago

Ex-soldier and WikiLeaks source Manning returned to jail for defying grand jury subpoena

A federal judge found former U.S. soldier and WikiLeaks source Chelsea Manning in contempt of court and ordered her back…

5 years ago

Giuliani Calls CNN Host Unfair For Playing An Old Video

Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani exploded at CNN host Chris Cuomo on Friday for showing on TV an old video clip…

6 years ago

Sen. Richard Blumenthal Explains Why Steve Bannon Is Screwed And Will Have To Testify About Russia

Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D-CT) explained on CNN that Steve Bannon is not a member of the cabinet and is no…

6 years ago

Robert Mueller Shocks Trump By Slapping More Than A Dozen Campaign Officials With Subpoena

The move by Mueller suggests that, while the Trump campaign claims to be "voluntarily" handing over all Russia-related documentation, they…

6 years ago

Senator McCain suggests subpoena to make White House cyber aide testify

Senator John McCain suggested on Thursday that a powerful congressional committee he controls may consider issuing a subpoena in order…

6 years ago

Michael Flynn Caves And Will Now Hand Over Some Russia Documents To Senate Committee

Flynn needs to hand over every last shred of paperwork relevant to this probe, not hand over a few to…

7 years ago

WTF: War Criminal Dick Cheney Wants Hillary Clinton Subpoenaed

Cheney, who has been claiming executive privilege since he was Defense Secretary, told Republicans, 'I think Hillary (Clinton) should be…

11 years ago