Trump NATO

Stock Market Plunges As Trump Threatens More Trade Wars

Trump went to NATO and sent markets tumbling by announcing that there may not be a China trade deal and…

3 years ago

Trump Moves from Gaslighting The US to Gaslighting the World With Claim Germany Is Controlled By Russia

Trump has moved from gaslighting the American people on Putin and Russia to trying to gaslight Germany and the world.

4 years ago

WH Denies Billing Germany for NATO. Trouble is, WH is as Dishonest as it is Stupid

Trump wants us to believe he didn't bill Germany, but he also said he was holding meetings until it turned…

6 years ago

America’s Idiot President Tried To Invoice Germany For Money That They Don’t Owe NATO

The humiliations never stop with Donald Trump as president. The German government is confirming that Trump tried to intimidate the…

6 years ago