Trump rallies

WATCH: Cindy McCain Co-Hosts The View. Spends Most of the Time Blasting Trump.

For a number of years, Donald Trump has been taking shots at former Republican Senator John McCain. From saying he…

2 years ago

Dr. Fauci Says Now Is the Worst Time for Trump To Be Holding Rallies

This has been a wild couple of weeks when it comes to the Coronavirus. While his advisors wanted to change…

2 years ago

Surgeon General Says COVID-19 “Doesn’t Care About Your Politics” as Trump Holds Packed Rallies

The Surgeon General has warned that Coronavirus doesn't discriminate based on a person's political beliefs as Donald Trump continues to…

3 years ago

Trump Tantrums And Refuses To Come Out Of The White House Because He Can’t Do Rallies

Trump is hiding in the White House, rejecting ideas from his advisers, and refusing to do more than one or…

3 years ago

Trump Falsely Claims He’s Not A Civilian As He Refuses To Follow NJ Quarantine Rules

Donald Trump will not follow new rules in New Jersey designed to fight the Coronavirus. The White House has confirmed…

3 years ago

Trump Claims Media Is “Trying to Covid Shame Us on Our Big Rallies”

Donald Trump has lashed out at the media amid concerns that his political rallies could contribute to the spread of…

3 years ago

Trump To Hold Rallies Soon With No Social Distancing

Trump said that he plans to resume holding political rallies soon, and he will not be enforcing social distancing rules…

3 years ago

Trump’s Rallies Take His Lying to a Whole New Level

The 2018 midterm elections have turned into a referendum on President Donald Trump. He has made sure of that by…

4 years ago

Trump’s Travels Prove Republicans Have Given Up On Keeping the House

The statistical website FiveThirtyEight gives the Democratic Party an 86 percent chance of winning the House next Tuesday which is…

4 years ago

Trump Won’t ‘Tone It Down’ As He Blames Democrats and the Media

President Donald Trump said on Friday said he would refuse to “tone down” his rhetoric despite the arrest earlier in…

4 years ago

The Press Cuts Off Trump As Consensus Grows To Stop Covering His Rallies

The press has had enough and they are saying no more to the coverage of Donald Trump's rallies, as a…

5 years ago

Trump Kicks African-American Protester Out Of North Carolina Rally, Calls Him A ‘Thug’

The comment came hours after Trump promised a "new deal for black America.'

6 years ago