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Steve Bannon Claims White Nationalist ‘Revolt’ Will Help Trump Win ‘400 Electoral Votes’ In 2020

"President Trump is not only going to finish this term, he's going to win with 400 electoral votes in 2020."

5 years ago

Hillary Clinton Refuses To Say Donald Trump Isn’t A Full-Blown White Supremacist

The former Secretary of State did not definitively call Trump a white supremacist, but it's rather stunning that she refused…

5 years ago

Anti-Racism Protesters In Boston Show White Supremacists What Peaceful Demonstrations Look Like

The resistance is proving not just that they are larger in numbers than either Trump supporters or white supremacists, but…

5 years ago

Iowa Republican Steve King Joins Trump In Publicly Embracing Aryan Fascists

King echoed two fascist leaders with a phrase that would warm Adolf Hitler’s Aryan heart - "Cultural suicide by demographic…

6 years ago

Donald Trump Celebrates New Hampshire Win By Retweeting White Supremacist

In an apparent effort to reveal exactly what he means by "Make America Great Again", Donald Trump celebrated his New…

7 years ago