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Sarah Palin Believes the Media Attacked Rand Paul to get to her

Last updated on August 10th, 2014 at 05:01 pm

Even a question about Rand Paul is all about Sarah

On the debut of the Fox Business program Freedom Watch today, Rand Paul emerged from hiding today long enough to hear Sarah Palin tell him, “Yeah, it’s a double edged sword isn’t it, if my name gets attached to your candidacy, and here you are being misconstrued by the lamestream media, and they take things out of context.”

Here is the video courtesy of Media Matters:

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When asked why she endorsed Paul, Palin said, “Yeah, it’s a double edged sword isn’t it, if my name gets attached to your candidacy, and here you are being misconstrued by the lamestream media, and they take things out of context, when you want the opportunity to further explain your positions, and when I’ve seen this lately I wanted to say welcome to my world, Rand. Bless, your heart, you’re doing great, and he’s willing to put it all on the line, Judge that is why I expect and endorse Rand Paul. He, his Libertarian views too which I so respect are in great contrast to the overreach intrusive government that is being shoved down our throat right now by the Obama administration. We need more Rand Paul’s of the world willing to put it all on the line, and cast a vote to put us back on the right track to protect our Constitution.”

According to Palin, it’s the media’s fault that she and Rand can’t answer the most basic questions. It is not their fault that they confuse ideology positions on issues. They both need to learn ideology is not a substitute for knowledge about specific issues, but only to an egomaniac like Palin, could Rand Paul’s gaffes be construed as a media attack against her. To her even, Rand Paul’s implosion is a sign that they are out to get her.

Notice that the self proclaimed leader of the Tea Party movement respects Rand Paul’s Libertarian views, but did not say that she agreed with them, or that she felt the same way. The original Tea Party movement was begun by Ron Paul supporters during the 2008 primary campaign. Its basis was Libertarian, but somehow this new GOP/corporate Tea Party movement respects views, but does not endorse them. This is more evidence that Palin has leeched on to a movement whose beliefs she does not share.

By the way, how exactly is Rand Paul going to protect the Constitution? Is going to attack government overreach by trying to repeal the parts of the Civil Rights Act that apply to the private sector, or is going to be satisfied with taking away the rights of the disabled by repealing the Americans with Disabilities Act? There is this myth that Palin keeps floating about the overreach of the Obama administration, but she never can name a single new program that is an example of this overreach.

Palin, and other Republicans, want to have it both ways. They want to blast Obama for there not being enough federal intervention in the Gulf, while at the same time they cry foul over the “big government” that his administration represents. Sarah Palin seemed clueless about Rand Paul’s actual beliefs, so did what she does best, she made the answer about her. In one minute and three seconds, she managed to remind America why she should be let anywhere near close to the White House. She is a big time celebrity, but a small time political talent.

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