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Americans Get a Bitter Taste of Who Mitt Romney Really Is

As a means of survival and personal preservation, it is critical to have a degree of self-concern and, to an extent, is an inherent characteristic in nearly all life-forms. However, for human beings, the act of being devoted to or caring only for one’s own interests, benefits, and welfare, regardless of others is selfishness, and in excess is not considered a desirable character trait within a community or society in general. The degree of selfishness in a growing segment of Americans is disturbing from a humanitarian point of view, but those who subscribe to the “me only” agenda are only subsequent to Republicans who epitomize selfishness and sheer greed for power and money. Americans are beginning to get a clearer picture of Willard Romney as the campaign for the presidency gets under way in earnest, and besides being a wealthy, out of touch elitist and pathological liar, the man is undoubtedly suffering from a severe case of egocentrism that is catching on with Republican governors.

The reports this week that Romney’s campaign asked governor Rick Scott to tone down his statements heralding improvements in Florida’s economic situation because they contradict Willard’s assertions that the nation’s economy and job growth is worse than when President Obama took office are highly likely. If the reports are true, they demonstrate the height of selfishness that should send a message to all Republicans that Romney’s primary concern is self-edification at the expense of governors seeking re-election, and anyone who had a hand in improving the economy; especially President Obama.

It is true that the economy is making gains, and there has been a slow but steady increase in the number of Americans getting back to work, but it is hardly to the credit of Republicans in Congress and especially governors who made wholesale cuts in public sector jobs. Despite the gains, Romney persists in making the rounds claiming the economy and job growth today is worse than when President Obama came into office, and only an idiot would fall for Willard’s prevarications. When the President took office, the economy was hemorrhaging jobs in the hundreds-of-thousands a month, and because of his policies, job creation picked up substantially in spite of Republicans’ obstruction and attempts to sabotage economic growth. Now that jobs and the economy are growing, Republican governors are taking credit and contradicting Willard, but the credit rightly belongs to President Obama and not Republican governors’ job-killing spending cuts and reductions in public sector employees such as teachers, firefighters, police officers, and construction workers whose middle-class incomes drive economic growth and further job creation efforts.

Republicans decried the federal stimulus as wasteful government spending without pause, and yet they stood in line to accept the funds and posed for pictures at groundbreaking ceremonies funded by the federal money. Now that their states are showing signs of recovery, the selfish Republicans are clamoring to take credit in an election year that is robbing Romney of his mendacious talking points that the economy is in dire straits because of the President’s economic policies. One cannot help but wonder how governors like Rick Scott (R-FL), Rick Walker (R-WI), or Bobby Jindal (R-LA) reconcile their state’s economic growth with Romney’s claims that the President’s economic policies made things worse than when he came into office. Most likely, the Republican governors must be thinking that Romney is so selfish to win the White House that he is willing to risk their re-election efforts by requesting that they “tone down” the rhetoric that their economies are improving.

The American people may not be the smartest people on the planet, but for 3.3-3.8 million Americans whose jobs were saved or created from President Obama’s stimulus package, the notion that Draconian job-killing budget cuts are responsible for their economic salvation is absurd. The President’s auto industry bailout created 170,000 jobs and save hundreds-of-thousands of others, and it saved Michigan from certain bankruptcy. Still, Republican governors like Snyder, Scott, Walker, and Jindal who railed against the President’s stimulus are trumpeting their policies as the reason their states are recovering instead of giving credit where it belongs; to President Obama. It is understandable that their selfishness to take credit in an election year prohibits them from assigning credit where credit is due, but they must be wary that Romney is still telling residents of their states the economy is worse than when President Obama enacted his economic recovery agenda.

The growth in states like Wisconsin, Michigan, and Florida that governors are boasting was for 2011 and it is the result of a full year’s worth of the stimulus to make a difference with the jobs it saved and subsequently created downstream. The only thing any of the austerity and job-killing governors had to do with the economic growth was they happened to be in the governor’s office and little else, because their drastic spending cuts killed jobs and some governors used stimulus money to make up for budget deficits. In Texas, for example, Rick Perry railed against the President’s stimulus and then used it to balance two budgets and create public sector jobs, and then bragged about his economic acumen during the Republican presidential primary. To be honest, it is understandable that any governor would take credit, albeit selfish, for their state’s economic recovery, but it is questionable how they feel about Willard’s request to tone down their so-called accomplishments just to help him win an election. Any reasonable human being would think Willard is extremely selfish to ask them to sacrifice their re-election efforts just to earn him four years in the White House.

Although it is early in the campaign for the General Election, nothing Romney does or says to elevate himself should surprise anyone. The cretin has taken credit for the Detroit bailout he decried as “the end of the American auto industry,” and claimed he created 100,000 jobs while at Bain Capital long after he departed to count and hide his millions in offshore accounts. The only thing Republicans can glean from Romney’s actions is that he is an egocentric, power-hungry maniac that will do anything and sacrifice anyone to win in November. If any Republican governor believes Romney has any allegiance to them or the party, it vanished when he “requested” they tone down the economic growth rhetoric in their states and it portends a self-centered and selfish leader who will take credit for their accomplishments and assign blame for his malfeasance. Romney’s allegiance is to himself, his money, and his church, and if he is willing to ask a governor seeking re-election to downplay what may be their only accomplishment to benefit him, there is nothing out of the realm of possibility that he will not do to aggrandize himself including selling out his supporters, his party, and the American people.


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