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When Faced With New Evidence That the Sequester Was His Idea, Boehner Blames Obama

Last updated on July 17th, 2023 at 06:04 pm

Despite the fact that a PowerPoint presentation from 2011 surfaced today with his name on it, John Boehner continues to blame Obama for the sequester.

The “question” of who the sequester belongs to should no longer be in doubt after The Daily Beast uncovered a July 2011 PowerPoint presentation that Speaker Boehner gave detailing the the use of the sequester as a Republican strategy. The Speaker didn’t just give the presentation. His name was on the PowerPoint slides.

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Boehner responded to the destruction of his talking point by demonstrating the skills that have made him one of the worst Speakers in history.

In a statement, Rep. Boehner said,

I agree with the Secretary of Defense that the impact of the president’s sequester would be devastating to our military. That’s why the House has acted twice to replace the president’s sequester with common-sense cuts and reforms that protect our national security, and it’s why I’ve been calling on the president for more than a year to press his Democratic-controlled Senate to do the same. Despite dire warnings from his own Secretary of Defense for more than a year that the sequester would ‘hollow out’ our military, the president has yet to put forward a specific plan that can pass his Democratic-controlled Senate, and has exerted no pressure on the Democratic leadership of the Senate to actually pass legislation to replace the sequester he proposed. As the commander-in-chief, President Obama is ultimately responsible for our military readiness, so it’s fair to ask: what is he doing to stop his sequester that would ‘hollow out’ our Armed Forces?

When faced with new evidence that the sequester was his idea, Speaker Boehner continued to blame President Obama. House Republicans think that if they keep repeating the same false statements over and over again, the American people will eventually believe them and blame the president.

Speaker Boehner has nothing now. His Obama’s sequester attacks have gone nowhere. Boehner has no way left to spin this, and his party will be getting the blame if these automatic cuts aren’t avoided. From now on when Republicans try to blame Obama for the sequester, all Democrats have to do is hold up the slides with Boehner’s name on them, and the wrath of a nation will hit the Speaker and his Republican caucus like a house of bricks.

Despite the mainstream media’s best efforts to blame both the president and congress, the blame for this mess is going to come down on Boehner and his party. Last month, the Speaker reassured the conservative movement that the sequester was his trump card. It turns out that his trump card was a joker, and it is only a matter of time until Boehner starts plotting his exit strategy that will result in his biggest cave yet to President Obama.

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