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Jan Brewer Sucks Up To Obama and Hits Up POTUS For Disaster Relief Money

Gov. Jan Brewer joined the ranks of Republicans who only hate Obama until they need something by being all smiles when she met the president at the airport today, and hitting him up for federal disaster relief money.

Before Obama arrived, Brewer put out a tough talking statement, “These successes are no accident. They are certainly no result of the Obama administration’s policies, which favor big government and bureaucracy over limited government and business growth. President Obama and I took office under similar economic circumstances, but have pursued vastly different paths. The Arizona Comeback has been made possible by fostering free-market principles, freezing burdensome government regulations, lowering taxes and allowing businesses to grow and prosper. This is hardly the route President Obama has taken – and it shows. Perhaps that’s why, nationwide, homeownership is at an 18-year low while rental prices continue to surge.”

Oh, boy. This is going be round two. Prepare for more finger wagging, Mr. President.

Sorry, Republicans, but another one of your tough talking anti-Obama heroes has bitten the dust.

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Brewer’s office alerted the local media yesterday that she was going to be meeting Obama at the airport in order to hit him up for some disaster relief funds.

Video of the media destroying Republican hopes for another confrontation with Obama:

This is what greeted President Obama when he hopped off of Air Force One in Arizona today:

As The New York Daily News put it, “President Obama returned to the Wild West on Tuesday and this time around, he got a warm welcome from Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer.” It’s looks like Jan Brewer has got herself a new best friend.

Gov. Brewer needs Obama to declare the Yarnell Hill fire a federal disaster. If the president declares the fire a federal disaster, then the Brewer can get her hands on federal disaster relief funds.

Here is the way this works for red state Republicans. Obama is evil and ruining the country. Their states are doing well because they’ve stuck to conservative values and done it all on their own. However, once something goes wrong in their state and they need federal money, all of the sudden, Barack isn’t such a bad guy.

Republicans talk tough and issue harshly worded statements, but the hypocrisy revealed by their own behavior is difficult to miss. A less compassionate president might hold a grudge and tell Brewer to pull herself up by her own bootstraps, but that’s not Obama.

Jan Brewer is another in a long line of Republican hypocrites who hate “big government” and this president until they need something.

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