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Obama Jokes About Taking a Hockey Stick to House Republicans

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During a visit from the Stanley Cup Champion Chicago Blackhawks to the White House, President Obama joked about ending obstruction by taking a hockey stick to House Republicans.


Blackhawks chairman Rocky Wirtz was presenting President Obama with his jersey when he said, “You can be proud of the way these players play your home team hockey. More than that, they’re gifted athletes who not only win championships, but would go a long way towards breaking gridlock if you allowed them in Congress.” The president laughed and replied, “That’s true. I should have tried a hockey stick during the shutdown. See how that works.”

Since talking to the House Republicans is a waste of time, President Obama might have better luck with the hockey stick approach. The shutdown might be over for now, but the hard feelings remain between the president and the Republicans. President Obama should be frustrated and fed up. He came to Washington willing to work with Republicans, but quickly ran into a brick wall of no once Republicans took back control of the House.

House Republicans might be lucky that the president didn’t have a hockey stick when they came to the White House and personally insulted him during the shutdown. The president has maintained his dignity and grace, but I wonder how tough Boehner and Cantor would sound after a couple of two handed slashes to the back of the knees.

There is no place in politics for violence, but the animosity is there for President Obama. You can hear it in the way his jokes about the House Republicans have grown more of an edge over the last year or so. Republicans better think twice before they launch another government shutdown or debt ceiling crisis, because President Obama is sounding like a bear who is in no mood to be poked.

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