Two Republican Congressmen Under Investigation For Violating Gun Laws

Two House Republicans are under investigation by police for potentially violating Washington, D.C.’s gun laws.

The Hill reported:

Police in Washington, D.C., have been referred materials for a possible investigation into two Republican congressmen who posed for a picture with an assault rifle in a House office building.

Rep. Ken Buck (R-Colo.) last week tweeted a picture of himself and Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-S.C.), the leader of the House’s Benghazi investigation, holding an AR-15.

Having the AR-15 in the District could be a violation of the city’s strict gun laws, and the city attorney general’s office has referred the matter to police, a spokesman told The Hill.

The Republicans will use any potential investigation as a reason to tout their “Second Amendment Rights,” but the issue is the respect for existing laws. The hypocritical contradiction between law and order conservatives, and the Republican willingness to violate laws that they disagree with is striking.

Contrary to what Republicans believe, this is not a Second Amendment, or personal liberty issue. It is an issue of public safety and respect for the law.

Rep. Gowdy is better known as the guy who is supposed to be leading the House’s latest Benghazi investigation, but his credibility will be damaged if he is breaking the law while investigating the Obama administration for breaking the law.

Gowdy is another Republican, who President Obama lawless while he is potentially breaking the law. Republicans have demonstrated repeatedly that the when it comes to breaking the law, nobody outdoes the GOP.

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