Obama Drops The Mic With Coolest Exit By A President Ever

President Obama ended his final White House Correspondents Dinner with what was the coolest exit by a president in history. The President said, “Obama out,” dropped the mic and walked away from the podium.

President Obama has always had a serious cool factor working, but he was in rare form at the WHCD. Without having to run for reelection, or worry about governing beyond his final months in office Obama let loose.

The President compared Hillary Clinton’s appeals to young people to your grandma trying to use Facebook. He got in bundles of jabs at Donald Trump. Most of his humor was aimed at himself, and his buddy movie with John Boehner was a true highlight, but in the end, it was the Obama mic drop that will be remembered.

A president who rode into office on a wave of cool is going out the same way. With his approval ratings on the rise, there has never been a better time for Barack Obama to drop the mic at let everyone know who the man has alway been.

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