Hillary Clinton Just Outsmarted Donald Trump And The Republican Party In Florida

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Hillary Clinton did something small, but very smart in Florida on Tuesday. She held her campaign rally across the street from an early voting polling place, so that her supporters can leave the rally and go vote.

Video of Clinton talking about the polling place across the street from her rally:

Clinton said, “Early voting began here in South Florida yesterday. It goes through Sunday, November 6th. You can go to your early voting site in your county between 7 AM and 7 PM. In fact, you can go across the street right now to the North Regional Library and cast your ballot today, and we have volunteers and staff ready to escort you, so hey, go ahead and vote now.”


The Clinton campaign is taking a page from the Obama playbook by holding rallies near early voting polling places, but it is something that Trump is not doing. While Hillary Clinton is holding rallies across the street from polling places, Donald Trump held his first event of the day at his Doral golf course.
Clinton is leading in this election because on a consistent basis her campaign has outsmarted Trump.


The outcome in Florida may be very close, and the difference between victory and defeat could be something as small as Clinton making it easy for her supporters to early vote while Trump was more interested in promoting his golf course.

The election isn’t rigged. Hillary Clinton is just running a better campaign than Donald Trump.

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