Sean Spicer Wears An Upside-Down Flag Pin In Subconscious Cry For Help

Sean Spicer’s upside-down tie pin at the press briefing was either a subconscious cry for help or more proof that the White House is full of people who do not pay attention to detail.


Reporters had to point out to Spicer that he had his flag pin on wrong via The Washington Post:

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“Your pin’s upside-down,” Fox News’s John Roberts said.

“John Roberts, always helping with the fashion tips,” Spicer quipped.

“It’s still upside-down,” another reporter said.

“‘House of Cards’?” someone else asked.

“There’s no promo,” Spicer assured the reporters.

Spicer told reporters that he is fine, which is what one would expect any hostage to say.

All kidding aside, the Spicer upside-down flag pin is a reminder that the Trump administration is made up of sloppy people who do not pay attention to detail. There is sloppiness everywhere in the Trump administration from rushed Executive Orders that violate the Constitution to transcripts and press releases that contain typographical errors through their error-filled social media communications with the public.

This is not a White House that thinks things through or has an eye for detail.

The Trump White House is full of people who keep demonstrating that they are not up to the job, and the epicenter of the problem is the man occupying the Oval Office.

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