Adam Schiff Terrifies Trump By Arguing That Tapes Are Best Evidence Of Obstruction Of Justice

House Intel Committee ranking member Rep. Adam Schiff said that if Trump has been taping in the White House, those tapes would be the best proof of obstruction of justice.


Schiff was asked if the Comey dinner alone was enough to prove obstruction of justice during an interview on CBS’s Face The Nation.

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He answered, “The difficulty and I look at this also as a former prosecutor. Can you prove obstruction based on the President’s own words? When we don’t know if we can believe this president. We already know that there are those close to Comey who have a very different take, also a troubling take on that dinner conversation, so I’m not sure you can prove the case based on this, but if there are tapes, of course, that would be the best evidence of what took place. If they exist, Congress needs to get them. If they are not provided willingly, Congress should subpoena them, and if they are not in existence if this was yet another fabrication by the President, he needs to come clean about it.”

Everything that Schiff laid out is why Trump won’t talk about the existence of tapes. If those tapes exist, Congress wants them. Any tapes would be the best proof a prosecutor could have for a potential charge of obstruction of justice. If the tapes don’t exist, Trump looks like a crazy liar.

Going back to the administration’s efforts to use Rep. Devin Nunez to derail the investigation, it is clear that Trump is doing everything he can think of to throw investigators off of his trail. The ranking member of the House Intelligence Committee was on national television fielding serious questions about potential felonies that might have been committed by the President Of The United States.

The Russia scandal has moved from theory to potential crime, and Schiff’s answer explained why Donald Trump is so terrified.

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