Opinion: It’s Time For GOP To Save Itself and America From Nightmare of Trump Presidency

The Republican Party owes a debt to the public which it serves, however, nothing is owed to the Republican president who has proven that he is intent on serving only himself and his financial interests.

The latest revelation of an attempt of collusion with Russia, fostered by Donald Trump Jr is not the reason the GOP should pull the plug on POTUS; it’s merely the latest. The administration is wracked by incompetence, lack of original thought, racist agendas, dishonesty and yes possible treason.

Legislatively, Donald Trump has no agenda or strategy of his own to speak of. His course of action is dictated by what Barack Obama achieved before him. Advised by admitted White Nationalist, Steve Bannon, who shutters at the thought of a diverse America, Trump is led by and governs through bigotry and divisiveness.

Systematically Donald Trump has gone down a list, torn from the pages of Presidential Policy for Dummies and enacted reversals of Barack Obama executive decisions. Trump pulled America from the Paris Climate Change Agreement at the behest of voluminous scientific evidence that he undoubtedly has minimal understanding of. This decision alone may endanger the survival chances of not only America but planet Earth as a whole.

Trump has also reversed Obama era policies involving the EPA, drinking water, fuel emissions, fracking, planned parenthood, internet privacy, personal investments and national landmark protections. Trump has stripped industries of regulatory rules paving the way for industrial disaster to affect the environment and public at large. Another head scratching decision has seen POTUS abolish the right of the public to sue big business CEO’s for any form of company malfeasance including harming the environment, sexual harassment, gender and racial discrimination. These decisions enrich and protect Trump and his elite friends, who he’s placed in key positions in Washington after promising to “clean the swamp” of cronyism. This is another straight forward instance of shameless dishonesty.

Healthcare continues to be a hot button issue which is driven not by an achievable goal of medical care for everyone but rather as another way to erase the legacy of Obama.

What legislation has the brilliant mind of Donald J Trump produced? Banning Muslims from entering the country and re-dedicating America to the coal industry. Clean and beautiful coal.

Donald Trump’s stupidity knows no boundaries and has no cure. His neophyte status as a politician propelled him to surround himself with an administration and staff that couldn’t handle running a lemonade stand let alone a country. Take a moment and consider this. At the recent G20 Summit, Donald Trump was forced to reside at the Senate guesthouse in Hamburg, when his clueless staff bungled his hotel reservations. That’s not a misprint or fake news. The staff appointed to the President of the United States were too incompetent to secure hotel reservations! It’s also not the first time. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson faced the same conundrum on an earlier trip overseas. How can you possibly place any faith or trust in an administration that can’t handle the menial task of hotel reservations?

Through the torturous tenure of the failing president, Republicans have defended the indefensible and turned a blind eye and an open pocket in respect to his blatant malevolent profiteering. The GOP has repeatedly squashed Democrats request for Trump’s taxes, that will undoubtedly connect the dots and lead investigators to where the bodies are buried figuratively and quite possibly, literally.

The GOP can no longer hold the party line or appear as if they are complicit in the daily revelations of possible treason charges leveled against Donald Trump and his crooked cohorts. Republicans cannot afford to stand idly by as Trump takes an entire political party and the country down with him. The Clinton and Obama blame game inspired by a pathological liar and propelled by State TV Fox News can’t be a part of Republican strategy. It’s time for Senate and Congress to take a page right out of the flawed Trump playbook.

Members of the GOP must look at what are obvious felonious infractions by Trump, his family and staff and do what POTUS has talked about but clearly hasn’t done. Republicans must put America first and swiftly put an end to a political nightmare the likes of which we’ve never seen before.

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