MSNBC Gave Trump A Devastating Katrina Moment As He Talks Tax Cuts While Texans Drown

While Trump was pitching his tax cuts for the wealthy and corporations, MSNBC split their screen and showed people being rescued from the hurricane caused flooding in Texas.

This was the scene on MSNBC as Trump pushed decades old Republican talking points on tax cuts:

It is difficult to imagine how the optics could be worse as Donald Trump was trying to sell tax cuts for the rich as a great for the rest of America while people were literally being pulled out of flood waters in the state of Texas.

Trump did spend a token few minutes at the top of his speech reading remarks written by someone else about the flooding in Texas, but if there was an image that could perfectly sum up the Trump presidency, it was the split screen of Donald Trump arguing that a tax cut for people like him would be great for the economy while regular Americans are losing everything they own and in some cases their lives in an American city.

Donald Trump just had his Katrina moment, and it was all of his own making.

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Jason Easley

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