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Moron Trump Wrecks His Own NAFTA Strategy By Admitting US Withdrawal Is Just A Negotiating Tactic

Trump privately admitted to Republican Senators that he really isn’t trying to kill NAFTA. His withdrawal of the US from the agreement is a negotiating tactic.

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Inside US Trade reported:

President Trump told Republican senators in private on Tuesday he believes the U.S. must trigger a withdrawal from NAFTA to move Canada and Mexico to negotiate more seriously, adding that they should “trust” him to get a better deal, multiple senators told Inside U.S. Trade.


Another senator said, “the president described it as a tactic to move things along that could result in withdrawal but may be designed to just result in negotiating.”

Instead of sitting down with Mexico and Canada and negotiating a new agreement, Trump is going to put US trade at risk by gambling that he will be able to get a better deal if he withdraws from NAFTA. Of course, now that Canada and Mexico know that Trump really isn’t looking to leave, they have no incentive to make a better deal. If Trump screws this up, Canada and Mexico will make deals with other countries, and the US will get nothing. Bluffing withdrawal from an agreement doesn’t work if everybody knows that you are bluffing.

Sec. of State Rex Tillerson was right. Donald Trump is a moron. He thinks that The Apprentice is real, and he can use his reality TV persona to fool world leaders.

It isn’t going to work, and Trump may end up driving this country into a new recession.

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