Senate Republicans Admit They’re Repealing Obamacare To Give Corporations A Bigger Tax Cut

Senate Republicans admitted that the real reason why they are trying to repeal the individual mandate in the tax cut bill is that it gives them more money to give a bigger tax cut to corporations.

Politico reported, “But Republicans argue it this way: It actually smooths passage for tax reform by giving them a pot of cash to play with for popular tax breaks. One GOP senator said Republicans might have had to set the corporate rate at higher than 20 percent if not for the savings from the mandate. The move also allows them to avoid killing popular tax breaks — such as the adoption tax credit — like the House initially had to do.”

Republicans aren’t trying to hide it. They are going to attempt to take healthcare away from 13 million Americans by repealing the individual mandate so that they have more money to give to the wealthy and corporations, and maybe keep around some popular tax breaks that they planned on axing because they were scrounging for cash to give to those who need it the least.

Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI) has said that he is a no on this bill as it is presently written. Sen. Susan Collins voiced immediate concerns about lumping Obamacare in with tax cuts. Don’t be fooled by the Republican bluster. The tax cut bill is on the edge of defeat, and by messing with Obamacare, Senate Republicans may be pushing it over the edge.

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