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Republicans Get Dirtier As Democrat Is Left Off Arkansas Ballot In Vital Race

Garland County, Arkansas closed early voting after it was found that the Democratic candidate for Secretary of State was left off of the ballot.

The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette reported:
An official with the Garland County Election Commission said three of the county’s four early voting sites were closed at times Monday because ballots did not include Susan Inman, the Democrat running for secretary of state. The sites have since re-opened.


“This should have never happened,” Inman said. “This is an actual failure of election officials to check their materials.”

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Inman was right. This should have never happened. Leaving a candidates name off of the ballot is not easy to do. There are several checks that are supposed to be done by election officials before the ballots are printed, and again before they are distributed. This is the kind of error can change the outcome of an election.

The Secretary of State oversees elections statewide. As voters have become aware of since 2000, the secretary of state is a very powerful position. In a year when Republicans are trying everything imaginable to stay in power, a Democratic candidate’s name being left off of the ballot gives the impression of more dirty tricks from the GOP.

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