Trump’s Rural Support In Wisconsin Has Completely Collapsed

Trump has lost 25 points of support with rural voters as Joe Biden leads him in the Badger State by nine percent, 48%-39% in a new Fox News poll of the state.

Via Fox News:

Trump won rural voters by 27 points in 2016. They now back him over Biden by only 2 points.

By a 19-point margin, Wisconsin voters think tariffs hurt rather than help the economy, and more oppose building a wall along the southern border by 10 points.


Voters who say tariffs hurt the economy prefer Biden by a 61-point margin. Those who think tariffs help support Trump by 65.

Trump beat Hillary Clinton in Wisconsin by less than one percentage point, making him the first Republican to win the state since 1984. Ninety-two percent of Clinton voters back Biden, while 83 percent of Trump voters stick with him.

Biden is the only Democratic candidate who leads Trump outside the margin of error. The other top Democrats are in a statistical toss-up with Trump. While voters in Wisconsin are virtually split on impeachment (46%-45), Trump’s trade war is a different story. By a margin of 47%-28%-17%, voters believe that Trump’s tariffs have hurt the economy.

If Trump support drops with rural voters in Wisconsin and Pennsylvania, he will lose the election in a landslide.

Trump needs to run the exact same campaign with the same results as 2016. If anything changes, Donald Trump loses.

Impeachment isn’t going to decide the 2020 election. Issues like healthcare and Trump’s trade war definitely will.

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