Trump Rages At Canada For Cutting Him Out Of Home Alone 2

By 1 year ago

Trump took a shot at Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau after Canada cut out his cameo from showings of Home Alone 2.

Trump tweeted:

The problem is that Trump was lying. He hasn’t made Canada “pay up on NATO or trade.” It is ironic that one of the world’s most famous deadbeats has

anointed himself the global bill collector for NATO. Trump’s new trade deal isn’t that much better for American workers than NAFTA classic. It was only improved after Nancy Pelosi and House Democrats threatened to never push it through the House if better worker protections were not added.

Trump did sort of make a joke, but as usual, it was a joke that reminded the world that Trump thinks Trump is great:

Trump’s cameo in Home Alone 2 was so memorable that I forgot it existed. As someone who watches the first two Home Alone movies virtually every holiday season, that is saying a lot about how forgettable Trump really is.

In roughly a year, Trump could find his presidency left on the cutting room floor just like his cameo in Home Alone 2.

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